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NRA Boss Clears The Air


NRA Boss Clears The Air

The Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Dr. Samuel Jibao has described as “baseless” allegations of witch hunt and tribalism levied against him by those he referred to as ‘detractors’.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Global Times yesterday, Dr. Jibao said that the allegations are the handiwork of people who see nothing good in the good work of others.

He explained that upon taking office on 7th June, 2018, like any responsible CEO, he among other things requested for a number of information including departmental audit and the financial governance of the NRA as an institution.  “For instance, I needed to know the structures, finances, budgeting, ongoing projects, completed projects and the available balance”, the NRA boss said.

That move, he went on, was necessitated by the fact that the former Commissioner General, Haja Kallah Kamara had in her handing over note stated among other things that NRA owes service providers  Le 8.7 Billion .“Therefore, I also needed to know who the service providers were and the age of the debts”, Dr. Jibao explained.

He said the Internal Auditor, Philip Koroma was then contacted for his own report particularly to shed light on a number of issues highlighted in the handing over note of the former Commissioner General  and  also to guide him as the incoming Commissioner General.

Unfortunately, Dr. Jibao lamented, when the Internal Auditor was contacted, his response was that he had not conducted any financial audit of NRA since 2011 because, according to him, he was not allowed to do so.

Based on such response, the NRA boss went on; the Internal Auditor was then mandated to carry out an audit covering the period 2017. It was the 107 page audit report which made strong and scary allegations of “weak and poor financial governance” against the former NRA administration, he said.

“I shared the report with the Board who after studying it  carefully decided to submit the audit report to the Anti- Corruption Commission(ACC). I did not tell the ACC to arrest neither to do or what not to do with anyone”, Dr. Jibao said.

He decried allegations of witch hunt against him, noting that all what he did was what any responsible CEO would do or should have done.  “I had no intent of malice against anyone. What I did is a normal administrative practice anywhere”, the NRA boss said.

Dr. Jibao also dismissed allegation that he was “dumping” Northerners in the modernization department, adding that after the staff audit; they decided to deploy people where they can best serve the institution and also realize their full potentials.

“When I took over for instance, there were first class graduates whose only job description was to write receipts. We changed that to a more challenging task”, he concluded.


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