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Ombudsman, Defence DG At Daggers Drawn


Ombudsman, Defence DG At Daggers Drawn

There is a bitter conflict going on between Sierra Leone’s Ombudsman, Melron Nicol-Wilson and his father-in-law, Sanah Johnsen Mara (The Director General of Defence).

It is alleged that, when Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson was appointed Ombudsman on 17th March 2017, Mr. Mara worked relentlessly to stop the appointment, by allegedly paying one Abdul Lamin (Amerikin) to lie that he (Mr. Nicol-Wilson) wanted to kill him (Mr. Mara).

Friends of Mr. Johnsen Mara alleged that, Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson is behind all the negative articles published by several newspapers against Mr. Mara.


It is also alleged that, Mr. Nicol-Wilson was the one who told newspaper reporters that, Mr. Mara was building a US$5m (Five Million United States dollars) hotel at SS Camp, Hill Station in Freetown.

Mr. Nicol-Wilson has consistently denied all these allegations on several occasions.

Police have confirmed that, Mr. Nicol-Wilson did make a formal report to them, claiming that, his father-in-law had abducted his two children who are both US citizens.

The Police have also confirmed that, with the help of the US Embassy in Freetown, they were able to rescue the two kids from Mr. Mara’s house.

Mr. Mara is accusing his son-in-law of being a member of several secret societies that practice “Juju” and occultism.

Mr. Mara, who was due to retire as Director General of Defence last year, had to use his long-time relationship with President Koroma to have his expired tenure extended by at least one year.

Investigations continue.


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