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Open Letter To President Bio… This IG Must Go!


Open Letter To President Bio… This IG Must Go!

I want to start by thanking you for your efforts in rebranding and marketing our country. I pray that God Almighty will continue to strengthen you and shower you with wisdom in the discharge of your duties.

I have been following events and it has compelled me to write and draw your attention to a couple of things that are happening within the Sierra Leone Police Force which are not in the best interest of your party.

First of all, it must be remembered that over the past ten years, the Sierra Leone Police deviated totally from its core functions and embarked on the intimidation of the then opposition SLPP, especially the higher cadre of the organization. The Police, under the leadership of I.G. Munu, was highly politicized which was an abuse of one of its strategic objectives, that is, to be apolitical.  A very good number of our officers were maltreated as they were perceived to be sympathizers of the SLPP.

Before the 2018 elections, the APC having realized that they have lost grounds in Kono after throwing away the then Vice President Alhaji Sam Sumana, they hurriedly recruited Mr. Richard Moigbe within a view few months to win the Kono votes. It is not surprising that he did all he could for the APC to win the elections. I.G. Moigbe hounded NEC by arresting its staff, imposing restrictions on movement of people on elections day, detaining your personal security guards on runoff day even though they were beaten and wounded by APC thugs. He unleashed his boys in police uniform to search your private accommodation in the guise of looking for hackers and failed to come to your aid when your house was attacked by APC thugs. His wife Olga Moigbe severally led the APC/Samura Kamara campaign in Lunsar in addition to the several unguided statements she made against the SLPP in meetings of Police wives at Kingtom.

The SLPP must watch IG Moigbe carefully as he is surgically installing elements of the APC in the Police into key positions. I will highlight a few instances of such dubious activities by the IG. First of all, all the postings he has made so far are not in the best interest of the ruling party. For instance, following the directive of his very cruel wife, he has installed Police officers who were using morally obscene words against you and some key officials of the SLPP. CSP Samadia was ADC to Alhaji Sam Sumana until he was thrown out and now he is the head of Human Resources: LUC Foday Sesay at Congo Cross was at Adelaide Street Police Station where he clearly manifested his hatred for you by using insulting words in public  view; a good number of them have been planted at the CID to hinder important investigations: CSP Alimamy Sesay was LUC at Kambia during the elections but was hurriedly posted to Motema in Kono as LUC as a hiding place for his misconduct at Kambia; Inspector Barrie has been planted at the State Lodge from the Office of the IG to engage in a running commentary on activities at the Lodge; etc.  The least goes on and on. This attitude by the IG of positioning junior and diehard APC sympathizers clearly shows his loyalty to the opposition APC, which appointed him as IG.

It must be remembered that this IG worked very hard for the APC to win the 2018 elections when he started arresting NEC staff, writing a challenging letter to NEC, imposing a ban on vehicular movement on elections day, installing APC puppet officers after elections, etc. His wife made series of utterances against the SLPP in the presence of other Police wives apart from the campaign she led in Lunsar. The best thing in the interest of SLPP is to replace the IG so that he does not continue with the agenda of the APC.  Keeping him in office after six months will be at the detriment of the SLPP. To see him leave is the desire of many Police officers who continue to bear the pain of his deeds. We have many fine officers out there whose spirit and zeal we do not want to see dampened by this APC I.G.



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