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Open Letter To President Koroma


Open Letter To President Koroma

Your Excellency,
Re: Ebola Audit Report
Forget the Anti Corruption Commission and appoint three Commissions of Inquiry. Permit me sir, to make a few suggestions as to how to handle this matter. If this issue is not properly handled, it could damage our country’s reputation and image for several years.
1. Allow Parliament to debate on the audit report.
2. Set up three Commissions of Inquiry with full judicial powers to investigate and punish those found guilty.
3. Give them firm and specific Terms of Reference.
4. One commission of inquiry to investigate the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.
5. The second commission of inquiry to investigate NERC.
6. The third commission to investigate related and allied matters to the Audit Report.
7. May I recommend the following Judges:-
1. Justice Nicholas Browne – Marke
2. Justice Alusine Sesay
3. Justice Adelaide Dworzak
8. All individuals and organizations who received Ebola funds must be made to account. Those who satisfy the Judges will be exonerated. Those who fail to do so, should pay back monies they criminally received. Those who cannot pay back monies received and are found guilty should be sent to Prison.
9. There should be no appeal against the findings of the Commissions of Inquiry.
10. Give the Commissions of Inquiry a specific time limit to complete their work and report to the Government and the nation.

Yours faithfully,

A. K. Samura
New York City

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