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Open Letter To President Koroma


Open Letter To President Koroma


A Special Appeal For Jonathan Leigh & Bai-Bai Sesay

Dear President Ernest Bai Koroma,

I am writing to you in my personal capacity. I am begging you, in the name of God, to forgive the editors of the Independent Observer newspaper, Jonathan Leigh and Bai-Bai Sesay.

Your Excellency, I know how angry you might have felt after reading the article in the Independent Observer newspaper of 17th October, 2013. You will appreciate, Your Excellency, if I do not comment on the content of the said article, for very obvious reasons. The matter, as you very well know, Your Excellency, is now sub judice. But, I have to say that, in my private capacity as a newspaper Publisher, I would not have authorised the publication of such an article in the Global Times newspaper.

Mr. President, you are the Father of the Nation. These two Journalists are your children. Do you want to continue to see them suffer just because they have offended you? You are not a vindictive man. No, you are not!

Some of us had known you long before you even thought of returning to frontline politics. You are a perfect gentleman. You are not a man who wants to see people suffer. That is not in your nature. No, it is not. You once told me that you came to politics to help your less-fortunate compatriots.
Your Excellency, Jonathan Leigh and Bai-Bai Sesay have wives and children. You know what it means when a breadwinner in a family is incarcerated. There is a Nigerian proverb which says, “When the head of a family dies, the house becomes an empty shell”.
Mr. President, you are a friend of the press. Since you came to power in 2007, you have personally not ordered the arrest and/or detention of any Journalist. That fact cannot be easily re-written.

Let me end, Your Excellency, by pleading with you not to listen to those people who are urging you to see the end of this matter in court. As I stated from the outset, you are the Father of the Nation. Please forgive Jonathan Leigh and Bai-Bai Sesay in the name of God.

I thank you, Your Excellency, for your kind attention. May God continue to guide and protect you as you continue to govern our beloved country.

Your humble servant,
Sorie Fofana.


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