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Open Letter To SLPP Delegates


Open Letter To SLPP Delegates

12th September.2017

Dear Delegates,

As you gather for our convention, please remember that history, change and the hope of the SLPP and the nation at large rest in your hands. I humbly entreat you therefore to act according to your best judgment and patriotic conscience. Please always keep in mind that only a sincere approach to our choice of candidates will guarantee our march to State House in 2018. We are getting closer to that time again. The destiny of our party rests on the choices you make when you vote to choose our National Executive.

We seek a new SLPP and a new Sierra Leone. That starts with your choices today. In that regard, I have placed myself before you soliciting your support by voting me as your National Young Generation Leader for our progressive party, the SLPP in the next party National Conference. Please be assured that Personal ambition does not drive me in this regard, I seek to be the next National Young Generational of our party, I believe I have something to offer our great party and Sierra Leone at this time of crises. Insecurity, corruption, and economic collapse have brought Mama Salone to perhaps her lowest ebb. Time is now due that we work together to lift SLPP up. I am ready to lead SLPP’s young folks to victory 2018 and

pledge to do all to ensure it.

I have always served the youths of Sierra Leone to the best of my ability.

I have always tried to give more to the SLPP than it has given me. This is the principle of service that has guided my public life. What I will give you and this nation is my full strength, commitment, sweat and toil in the service of the people to bring SLPP back to power in 2018. What I can give you, and that is my promise, is my unwavering dedication to the pursuit of

that success!

I do not intend to rule SLPP’s young generation. I want to rescue this party and Sierra Leone with your help. A young generation leadership that is poised to taking head on the leadership of the youth league of the APC and its rank and file. I seek an SLPP where all stakeholders will think and believe in One Country One People and a party that is just and where individual benefits no longer trespass into our institution and national character and a party where our diversity would be used for our party’s


SLPP is our party. Let us now turn it into the great party we know it can and should be.

I thank you all!

Long Live SLPP!

Long Live SLPP YG! Long Live Sierra Leone!

Mohamed Orman Bangura

National Young Generation Leader Aspirant


Chairman and Leader

Secretary General


UK & I

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