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Opposition MP Supports Budget


Opposition MP Supports Budget

By S. U. Thoronka.

The opposition Member of Parliament for Bonthe District, Honourable Brima Conteh in his concluding statement to the three days debate which started yesterday, on the Annual Budget tabled by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Momodu Lamin Kargbo, maintained that the budget is good but cautioned government not to skew things in its implementation for political gain.

He said the budget is about housekeeping and while at the same time speaking on the micro economy, the MP emphasized on revenue generation which he said hinges on export.

He also stressed the need for government to concentrate once more on cash crop to generate foreign exchange.

Honourable Brima Conteh noted that there is need to maximize rice production for food self sufficiency, adding that the country is fortunate to have a trained and qualified Professor in Agriculture who has the requisite knowledge to transform the sector within twenty four months since he took over.

But the MP was however in doubt as to whether government was willing to give the Minister the needed resources and political will to achieve the goal.

On the issue of education, Honourable Brima Conteh was very much apprehensive as to why it took the Minister of Education, Science and Technology a long time to trace ghost teachers who have still not been weeded out of the government payroll.

Honourable Madam Navo Kaikai of Kailahun District holds a contrary view to Honourable Brima Conteh. She described the budget as totally deceitful and not people friendly.

Hon. Navo Kaikai said that government has failed in the implementation of Free Healthcare Service and that there is still high infant mortality rate while square pegs are being placed in round holes.

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