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Our Party Is Fragmented” -Chief Kapen Admits


Our Party Is Fragmented” -Chief Kapen Admits

Speaking at YSC (Young Sportsmen Club) on Wilkinson Road in Freetown on Sunday, the National Chairman/Leader of the SLPP (Sierra Leone Peoples Party), Chief Somanoh Kapen publicly admitted that, his Party was fragmented. “I’m not ashamed to admit here that our great Party faces a lot of challenges at the moment… The core values of the Party have eroded… We have to rebrand this Party in order to attract those who have left us and attract new members”, Chief Kapen said.
Chief Kapen wondered how a Party that won two successive elections in a row (1996 and 2002) under the astute leadership of the late Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah could become unelectable in two subsequent elections. “We have to do something about this… We cannot continue to be in opposition forever… We have to win the next elections… But we can only win the next elections if we put the interest of the Party above our personal interests”, Chief Kapen noted.
The SLPP National Chairman/Leader described the former party leader and President, Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah as “a very successful Leader of our Party and President of our country… The late President was a great leader, who fought very hard to unite the country… Pa Kabbah’s greatest legacy is peace… He stood for peace and democracy… I call on all Party faithful to eschew violence and respect the views of each other… We cannot all support one person… People should be free to support their own candidates… That is what our Party is known for… The culture of violence and intimidation that has crept into this Party is very dangerous… We have to rebrand the image of this great Party and make it electable, once again”, Chief Kapen concluded.

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