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Paramount Chiefs Ordained


Paramount Chiefs Ordained

By Joseph Milton Lebbie…………………………………..

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has officially handed over staffs of office to five Paramount Chiefs (PCs) in the Southern Region.

PC Joseph Jidan Foday Musa of Jaiama Bongor Chiefdom, PC Dr. Margaret Gbani of Valunia Chiefdom both in Bo District, PC Donald Jangba of Yawbeko Chiefdom, PC Chernor Ansu Amidu Garbay of Ndema Chiefdom and PC Joseph Soloniei of Temide Chiefdom all in Bonthe District, received their staffs from the President past Friday during a grand ceremony at the Bo Coronation Field where a mammoth crowd converged to witness the memorable occasion.


While presenting the staffs to the Paramount Chiefs, President Koroma advised them to govern their chiefdoms peacefully and not to take revenge on their political opponents but to treat all their subjects equally.

The President told the chiefs that they will be eroding their authority and respect by trying to victimize those who were not supporting them for the chieftaincy.

He cautioned the Paramount Chiefs not to be involved in too much politics but to focus more on developing their respective chiefdoms.

“Too much politics can deter development,” the President remarked, continuing that he will listen to but never pay attention to any Paramount Chief who will bring to him any political discussion. “I will pay attention to only those Paramount Chiefs who will bring development talk to me,” he stated emphatically.

President Koroma further advised the chiefs to be monitoring development projects in their chiefdoms, noting that they should particularly be monitoring the Free Health Care, the School Feeding and other government programs.

Earlier in his statement, the Vice-President, Victor Bockarie Foh, urged the Paramount Chiefs to continue working in cordiality with President Koroma who, he said, has never disturbed any Paramount Chief.

VP Foh concluded that he is a friend of every Paramount Chief as he worked with PCs for a long time while serving various Provincial Administrations in the South and Eastern Regions.


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