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Parliament Dissolved


Parliament Dissolved

The Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Sesay in the Chamber of Parliament yesterday, read out a proclamation signed by the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House, Hon. SBB Dumbuya that Parliament stood dissolved as constitutionally obliged.

This, he said was in line with Section 85(1) of Act No. 6 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, which provides that the House stands dissolved following the date of its first sitting after the conduct of general elections. First sitting of the dissolved Parliament was on the 07th December 2012, after the conclusive outcome of the elections conducted on the 17th November 2012. Therefore, the Fourth Parliament of the Second Republic has been dissolved.
In his farewell valedictory speech, President Koroma proudly enumerated the successes of his Government in spite of challenges, whilst thanking the APC party and all shades of Sierra Leoneans for the confidence reposed on him to serve the country, with sincerity, commitment and purpose. He also described ordinary Sierra Leoneans as the true heroes of his transformative drives in all sectors, including health, education, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and appointing women to take responsible leadership positions in the country.
Recalling ten years of governance under his watch, he espoused that in respect of compromises, agreements, and disagreements referring to the short-lived walk-outs that had been staged by the opposition, yet they were voting together with APC in the interests of ordinary Sierra Leoneans. He thanked Parliament for being supportive of his programmes and policies, by passing important Bills into law for the development of the country. He also said that the economy had grown under his watch, regardless of the reversals posed by Ebola and the drop in the prices of ore.
He bluffed that under his watch, our foreign reserves has grown from $200 Million to $500 Million, that at the time a bag of rice was Le60,000, our minimum wage was a little over Le20,000, but now that a bag of rice is over Le200,000, our minimum wage is Le500,000, and that he has increased budgetary allocations to the education sector from a little over 3% of our GDP to 15%, among others, since he took governance in 2007.
The Well of Parliament was filled with dignitaries, including Judges, Ministers, heads of MDAs and the host Speaker, MPs, and the administration.
Report compiled by the PR Department of The House of Parliament.

Guest Writer
A Cursory Glance At Dr. Prince Harding’s Leadership Style
Sequel to our Wednesday’s publication in which we reported that a group of thugs attacked the National Treasurer of the SLPP, the Global Times has been inundated with calls by concerned members of the party, all pointing accusing fingers at the National Chairman and Leader, Dr. Prince Alex Harding for allegedly inciting and condoning violence at the SLPP Headquarters.
Mrs. Martha Kanagbo, the National Treasurer was attacked by a group of thugs on Tuesday at the SLPP Headquarters, the second in less than a month and the third since the SLPP Convention ended in Kenema in September this year.
Christian Leigh, a non-elected official of the party, who allegedly led the group of hoodlums, was overheard by all including our reporter as saying that Dr. Harding actually ordered him to break in to the office which was locked at the time.
The National Treasurer was out of the office at the time of the break-in and our reporter who was present confirmed that on her return later that day, the thugs physically blocked her from entering her office.
Dr. Harding who is in London as part of Brig. Bio’s official delegation could not be reached for his reaction. But sources close to him said that he was willing to react when he returns.
However, Global Times has been given detailed account of how the new man at the helm is making life difficult for people who did not support his Chairmanship aspiration in Kenema.
According to sources, while others are busy mobilizing support for the SLPP and its Presidential candidate, Dr. Harding is allegedly busy throwing spanners in to the work.
Immediately after he was declared National Chairman and Leader of the party, Dr. Harding is reported to have issued letters of dismissal to about seven staff members all of whom he accused of not supporting him for the position of Chairman/Leader.

Sources also confirmed that the National Chairman has employed a deliberate tactic to keep the hard working National Women’s Leader, Madam Fatmata Sawaneh and the Young Generation Leader, Musa Moiguah out of the limelight.
The long serving National Administrative Officer of the party, Alhaji Brima Koroma suffered humiliation of his life when he had his personal effects thrown out of his office to pave the way for Dr. Harding’s sidekick to take up the job, the Global Times can authoritatively report.
Hon. Emma Kowa, since her defeat in Kenema for the post of National Women’s Leader has refused to work with and even cooperate with the woman that defeated her in Kenema.
She has set up a parallel body within the party that has posed a serious unrest within the Women’s Wing of the party.
Hon. Emma Kowa enjoys VIP treatment in the party because of her special relationship with some well placed people within the party’s flag bearer’s inner circle.
Although the National Campaign Chairman, Dr. Alie Kabba played down the impact of the internal wrangling within the party, many SLPP members have condemned the Chairman’s actions describing them as improper, uncalled for and untimely especially as elections are just around the corner.
Dr. Harding was elected National Chairman/Leader in September this year, with high expectation of propelling the party to victory but his recent antics proves that he is now in fact becoming a liability instead of an asset to the SLPP Presidential candidate.
In our next edition, we will be looking at the finances of the party since Dr. Harding took over from Chief Somano Kapen.

Alie Kabba…
The Face & Voice Of The
SLPP Campaign
The radical progressive senior opposition Politician, Alie Kabba was recently appointed as the National Chairman of the SLPP Campaign Committee for the March 2018 elections. Alie Kabba is a man that needs no introduction in Sierra Leone. In the Seventies, he was a radical students’ union leader at Fourah Bay College.
Very recently, Alie Kabba returned from self-imposed exile in the United States of America to contest for the leadership of the main opposition SLPP.
Even though he did not succeed in his bid to lead the SLPP, he stayed in the party and has become one of the most respected and admired senior figures in the party.
At a time when everyone had thought that, the SLPP had no chance of coming together, Alie Kabba played a pivotal role in keeping the party together.
Face And Voice Of The
SLPP Campaign
Since his overwhelming appointment and endorsement as SLPP National Campaign Chairman, Alie Kabba has hit the ground running.
It is understood that, he intends to manage a data-base driven campaign. Alie Kabba is considered to be a very methodical Politician. His appearance on the stage, as Campaign Manager of the SLPP has seen a sea-change in the campaign strategy of the party. He has tailored his campaign for the SLPP Presidential candidate on issues and not personality attacks.
Two days ago, as a way of hobnobbing with the Press, Alie Kabba invited some senior journalists to the prestigious Kona Lodge for lunch. He used the occasion to lay out his party’s strategy to defeat the APC in the March 7, 2018 elections.
Without mincing words, Alie Kabba said, “President Koroma has failed the nation…His party does not deserve reelection… They have failed to address the bread and butter issues…The economy is in a meltdown…Unemployment is at an all time high…Corruption has become the order of the day…We need to come together and vote the APC party out of office in March 2018”.
Alie Kabba described the SLPP Presidential candidate as “a very popular Politician…We have the best Presidential candidate in this election…With Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio as our Presidential candidate, we have no doubt that, he will defeat all the other Presidential candidates in a first ballot”.
Alie Kabba is the true face and voice of the SLPP campaign.

APC, SLPP In Trouble…
Musa Tarawally Emerges As Presidential Hopeful
Popular grassroots Politician, Hon. Alhaji MusaTarawally has emerged as one of the favorites to lead CDC (Citizens Democratic Coalition). Party sources confirmed yesterday that, Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally will represent the CDC as their Presidential candidate in the March 7, 2018 election.
Alhaji Musa Tarawally has an impressive political pedigree. He served as SLPP Member of Parliament for Moyamba district and later became District Chairman of the SLPP in Moyamba District.
When Ernest Bai Koroma became President in 2007, he appointed Alhaji Musa Tarawally as Minister of State, Southern Region. In a Cabinet reshuffle in 2009, Alhaji Musa Tarawally was elevated in the Cabinet to the position of Minster of Internal Affairs.
After the 2012 elections, Alhaji Musa Tarawally became the Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment.
Barely three years later, he was, relieved of his job as Minister of Lands.
He served as National Organizing Secretary of the ruling APC party until recently when he abandoned the post.
Alhaji Musa Tarawally of late, has been very much involved in the promotion and propagation of Islam. He is a very generous and a very popular Politician across the country.
His emergence as a potential Presidential candidate has worried the leadership of both the ruling APC party and the main opposition SLPP.
Alhaji Musa Tarawally is currently out of the country. CDC sources informed the Global Times yesterday that, Alhaji Musa Tarawally is expected home this week.

Convict Discharged
By Jane B. Mansaray
After founding an accused person guilty of the offence of wounding with intent, High Court Judge, Justice Miatta Samba yesterday discharged the convict, Ibrahim Sorie Koroma with caution and strong warning of keeping the peace in the society.
According to the particulars of the indictment, the convict in 2017 in Freetown wounded one Alhaji Bah, complainant in the matter with a stick in the left eye that led the complainant to undergo an emergency surgery at the Connaught Hospital.
In her ruling, Justice Samba said the maximum sentence of the offence committed is life imprisonment, but the complainant pleaded for the convict and told the court that he (complainant) had forgiven the convict since the day the convict and family members rendered an apology to him.
Justice Samba also encouraged both sides to keep the peace and live as a family and at the same time warned the convict to live as a good example to the society.
State Counsel A.J.M. Bockarie prosecuted the matter and Lawyer Lamin Mohamed Bayoh defended the convict in the trial matter.
Lunatic Sexually Abused
By Joseph Milton Lebbie
The Family Support Unit (FSU) of the Moyamba Police Division is investigating a case of alleged sexual penetration of a twelve-year-old insane dumb girl who has become pregnant subsequently.
According to the Line Manager of the FSU, Inspector Philip Nabieu, the matter was recently reported to the unit by one Mary Gendeh who claimed to be the mother of the alleged victim and who accused one Alusine Mansaray of being the perpetrator.
Inspector Nabieu further stated that since the matter was reported, the alleged perpetrator has been absent as he came to Moyamba on holidays but that they have ordered his parents to produce him in person.
Inspector Nabieu said that a witness, whose name he withheld for professional reasons, has testified to the Police that on two occasions he saw the alleged perpetrator romancing in an unfinished house and reported the matter to the lunatic dumb girl’s parents and later called the alleged perpetrator and cautioned him.

School Pupil Commits Suicide
By Joseph Milton Lebbie
A fifteen-year-old boy is reported to have hanged himself to a mango tree near his house in Njala Mokonday in the Moyamba District, Police sources have confirmed.
A team of police officers in Moyamba and Taiama are investigating the matter while the remains of the deceased have been conveyed under Police escort to Bo for post mortem examination.
Although the deceased boy left no suicide note to explain why he hanged himself, a Police officer anonymously told this press that the deceased boy was caught engaged in love affairs with his aunt who brought him from the village to attend school in Njala and that the exposure of their secret love and the consequent embarrassment caused the aunt to tell the boy to go back to the village to save their face but that the boy was reluctant to go, causing him to be severely harassed by the aunt and her children.
It was under these circumstances that the boy was found dead one morning, his dangling body tied to a mango tree just behind the house in which he was residing.
But according to the police officer, the whole investigation has become confusing as the deceased was found tied to a tree with his feet touching the ground which is usually not the case with people who hang themselves.
But after the post mortem examination result, the police officer went on, the aunt and her children may be brought in for interrogation.
Meanwhile, up to press time, the aunt could not be reached to explain her own side of the story and her name remains unidentified.


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