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PC’s Eye Kavura-Kongoma’s Posiiton


PC’s Eye Kavura-Kongoma’s Posiiton

By Joseph Milton Lebbie…………………………

The term of the Paramount Chief Member of Parliament for Moyamba District, Alie Kavura-Kongomo, is reported to be coming to a close and two Paramount Chiefs in the district, Jibao Russell Nyaama of Lower Banta and Siuelolo Pampure of Bagruwa Chiefdom are reported to be eyeing the position.

Investigation conducted by the Global Times discloses that there has been an agreement between the Kpa-Mende Paramount Chiefs and the non-Kpa-Mende Paramount Chiefs that the position of Paramount Chief Member of Parliament should be rotational with the Kpa-Mendes serving for two terms and the non-Kpa-Mendes serving for two terms.\paramokunt Chief  Karura completing the term of Paramount Chief yovonie who died in a gruesome road accident right in the  headquarter town of his chiefdom, Senehun, of the Kamajer Chiefdom.


The Global Times has gathered that now is the turn for the non-Kpa-Mendes and the two Paramount Chiefs now eyeing the position, Jibao Ngaama and Sielolo Papapwe are from  the non-Kpa Mende Seciton.

Nyaama and Papawer when interviewed by Global Times, have clearly disclosed their intention to vie fo r the position of PCMP for Moyamaba District.

But the big question now wagging the tongues of many residents of the district is who is fitter to succeed \Kongomo as PCMP for the distinct.

While many residents view Nyaama as a fearless and eloquent speaker, many other residents opine that Papapwe is better educated for the enviable position as he is a graudcatged Engineer.

But it is now left with the council of Paramount Chiefs of the district to decide on who will succeed Karura Kongomo as both intending aspirants have qualifies that make them fit for the position.


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