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Police Probe Massive Fraud… Why Olaf Grabowski Was Sacked


Police Probe Massive Fraud… Why Olaf Grabowski Was Sacked

The shareholders of GDG (German Drilling Group) have sacked their CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Olaf Grabowski (a German national with Passport number C5NFMHLH3) for allegedly failing to give proper account of the company’s day-to-day management.

Police have confirmed that, Mr. Olaf Grabowski is being investigated for fraud and other related offences.

It is alleged that, Mr. Grabowski gave false accounting details to the company’s shareholders when he realized that his services were about to be terminated if he did not provide a true account of the company’s assets and finances.

A spokesman for Infinity Consulting Limited, which has 49% shares in the company, told the Global Times that, Mr. Olaf Grabowski was sacked from the company because he was collecting monies from customers, which were never deposited into the company’s bank account.

In one instance, it is alleged that, Mr. Olaf Grabowski collected from customers the sum of US$61,525,000 (sixty one thousand five hundred and twenty five US dollars) which he never properly and convincingly accounted for.

It is further alleged that he owes Fawaz Building Materials (principal shareholders of GDG) US$45,313,000 (forty five thousand three hundred and thirteen dollars) which he took as personal loan. He has still not paid the loan.

Mr. Olaf Grabowski was allegedly unable to explain how the company spent US$41, 800,000 (forty one thousand eight hundred United States dollars) to buy a drilling machine in Germany, which has since not arrived in Sierra Leone.

The shareholders have ordered the Police to investigate a contract Mr. Olaf Grabowski signed with VIMETCO, which details were not disclosed to them. They are also expected to investigate how a water bowser belonging to GDG is now being used by VIMETCO on a daily basis.

Mr. Olaf Grabowski is also accused of false accounting especially in the area of staff salaries and transport allowances paid to staff members.

The shareholders of GDG (Fawaz and Archibald) have called on the public not to have any dealings with Mr. Olaf Grabowski on behalf of German Drilling Group. “Anyone who does business with Mr. Olaf Grabowski on behalf of German Drilling Group does so at their own risk. You have been warned”, a Public Notice put out by the company’s shareholders warned.

All attempts to contact Mr. Olaf Grabowski proved unsuccessful last night.

Investigations continue.

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