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PPRC To Decide SLPP Petition


PPRC To Decide SLPP Petition

A source at the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) has confirmed to the Global Times that the Commission has received two petitions but did not elaborate on the nature of the petitions. “Yes I can confirm that we have received two different petitions or concerns from SLPP members, but I am not in the position to say who and what those concerns are”, our source says, adding, “All I can say is that very soon the Commission will look into those concerns and forward them to the SLPP National Executive led by Chief Somanoh Kapen”.
When asked whether the PPRC will decide on the petition akin to a typical courtroom situation, our source clarifies thus: “No, not at all, we don’t make rules for political parties, we only regulate their conduct. Principally, we ensure that they (political parties) conform to democratic norms and that also means operating within the ambit of their constitutions and the national constitution. If there is anything to point out to the party in relation to the petition, that is what we will do, not the other way round”
Lower level elections within the SLPP were put on hold in January after the KKY Movement, the campaign outfit of the former UNIDO Boss Dr. Kandeh Yumkella protested to the PPRC indicating its readiness to petition the rules and regulations which was overwhelmingly endorsed at the party’s last National Executive Council (NEC) meeting.
Although the KKY Movement and former SLPP National Leader/Chairman, Mr. John Benjamin petitioned some aspects of the rules and regulations at the PPRC, Global Times has been authoritatively informed that none of the petitions point out a breach of the national or SLPP constitutions. “Indeed they raised concerns over certain issues or aspects but they couldn’t point out any breach of both the national constitution and the SLPP constitution”, a senior party functionary says.
Political activist, Victor Sheriff who signed an undated KKY Movement’s concerns forwarded to the PPRC failed however to petition any aspect of the rules and regulations, our sources say. “He only just pointed out some concerns but there is nothing he can point to as a petition”, the source added.
With the expiration of the mandatory 21 days after the publication in the Gazette of the rules and regulations by the PPRC, the opposition party is now days away from conducting the much awaited lower level elections which will pave the way for the National Delegates Conference in Kenema.

That however depends much now on how soon the PPRC meets to decide on the matter.

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