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President Bio’s Impersonators Discharged


President Bio’s Impersonators Discharged

By Jane B. Mansaray.

Principal Magistrate Santigie Bangura of Siaka Stevens Street Magistrate Court No.1 in Freetown yesterday discharged three accused persons alleged to have impersonated President Bio for lack of sufficient evidence against them.

The accused persons including Mohamed Osman Sesay, Lamin Sorie Sesay and Umaru were arraigned on a preliminary investigation offence of conspiracy to defraud and impersonation contrary to law.

The particulars on the charge sheet state that the accused persons on the 12th July 2018 in Freetown with intent to defraud conspired together with other persons unknown to defraud one David Chambers, complainant in the matter.

The accused at the time of committing the above offence went into operation with certain mobile phone numbers pretending to be the President Bio and his Personal Assistant to defraud the complainant.

In his discharged statement, Magistrate Bangura said that the prosecution has failed to adduce evidence to establish their case against the accused persons.

According to Magistrate Bangura, the charges before the court are not proper for the accused persons to stand trial.

He said as far as the law is concerned, the count of impersonation is bad in law and throughout the proceeding, no factual witnesses were produced to collaborate the charges and evidence before the court.

The witnesses that were produced by the police prosecution are formal and cannot establish the fact of the matter before the court.

These accused persons are also answering to related criminal charges on deferent police files before the aforesaid Magistrate Bangura for impersonating the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and to defraud some senior citizens including the Managing Director of Mercury International, Mr. Martin Michel.


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