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“President Koroma Will Not Be Distracted” Mohamed Bangura Says


“President Koroma Will Not Be Distracted” Mohamed Bangura Says

The Minister of Information and Communications, Mohamed Bangura has told the Global Times in an exclusive interview in Freetown last week that, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma remains focused on the implementation of the post-Ebola Recovery Programme for the good of every Sierra Leonean. “The President will not be distracted by some ill-motivated people who have nothing to offer to help develop the country”, Mr. Bangura said.

Mr. Bangura told the Global Times that President Koroma’s vision for Sierra Leone is still on course. “By the time President Koroma leaves office, Sierra Leoneans will realize that, he is a very good leader, who means well for this country”, the Information Minister said.

He noted that, the Ebola outbreak in the country in May 2014 disrupted the full and timely implementation of the President’s Agenda for Prosperity. “Before the Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone was rated as one of the fastest growing economies in the World…The outbreak impacted negatively on our economy…We are not yet out of the woods…But we have started to pick up the pieces… It is not easy to manage a country whose economy almost collapsed under the weight of a killer disease called Ebola”, Mr. Bangura noted.

The Information Minister said confidently that, the SLPP will be easily defeated in the next Presidential and Parliamentary polls. “The SLPP have nothing to offer this country…The party is split right in the middle…They don’t even have a strategy to win the next elections…They are busy tearing themselves apart whilst we in the APC are busy developing the country”, Mr. Bangura said.

Mr. Bangura called on his APC members and supporters to continue to have faith in the leadership of President Koroma. “President Koroma won two consecutive elections for the party…He is an asset to the party…He has demonstrated admirable leadership qualities in keeping the party and the country together”, he said.

Mr. Bangura took up office as Minister of Information and Communications on 7th April, 2016.

Within his first one hundred days in office, he has been able to revive the “Sierra Leone Daily Mail”. He noted that, with the support of everyone in his Ministry, a lot of positive things will be collectively achieved.

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