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President Koroma’s Dilemma


President Koroma’s Dilemma

By Sorie Fofana.

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma must be commended for winning two consecutive elections for the APC Party. He took the party from a moribund state in 2005 to make it what it is today-very attractive.

After ten years in office, some APC supporters are still very proud of President Koroma’s achievements. He has made the party very strong, very competitive and very buoyant!


President Koroma mismanaged the succession arrangement in his party. His decision to single-handedly appoint his successor in the APC party irritated a lot of committed and faithful members.

His successor, Dr. Samura Kamara has no base in the party. He is seen as an outsider. His failure to energize the APC campaign in the just concluded Presidential election may have led to his undoing.

Sumana Factor

President Koroma’s decision to unrelentingly hound his slavishly loyal Vice President, Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana out of office will affect the APC Party in time to come.

VP Sam Sumana’s party, the C4C (Coalition For Change) has swept away nine Parliamentary seats in the Kono district.

The APC lost all six Parliamentary seats they had held in Kono for the past five years. And the number of Presidential votes for the party in the district declined significantly.

VP Sam Sumana has inflicted an irreparable damage to the APC Party’s chances of winning any future election in Kono district. He has shown that he is the King of Kono!


If the APC losses this Presidential election (as it is widely expected), civil war will break out in the Party. Koroma’s legacy will be dismantled if the APC losses this Presidential election. The party will blame Koroma for imposing both the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates on the party.

If Koroma interferes with a peaceful transition in the country, his reputation will be tarnished and he will not have a peaceful retirement in the country.

Best Bet

Koroma’s best bet is to respect the will of the people and encourage his party to do likewise and pave the way for a peaceful transition.

Koroma’s dilemma right now is: should he put the interest of the country above his personal interest, by paving the way for a peaceful transfer of power to the elected President?

If Koroma fails to realize that, his party has lost the mandate of the people to continue to govern, he would go down like the ill-fated Russian submarine, The Kurks.

Mark it!


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