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SALCAB Deal: What’s The Big Deal?


SALCAB Deal: What’s The Big Deal?

By Sorie Fofana……

We have read in a local newspaper that the former Minister of Information and Communications, Alhaji I.B. Kargbo had no authority to sign the SALCAB divestiture of shares agreement. Be that as it may, why can’t the Minister of Finance and Economic Development be asked to sign the agreement now, if that is what is required?

When President Ernest Bai Koroma was on an official trip to Ethopia, who convinced him to meet with a World Bank team, in order to start negotiations for a US$ 31m loan for the landing of the fibre optic cable in Sierra Leone?

Who hurriedly advised Alhaji I.B. Kargbo to sign the divestiture agreement? Who were present at the signing ceremony? Why did the World Bank not raise an objection when Alhaji I.B. Kargbo signed the agreement on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone?

If Hon. Alpha Kanu has suddenly discovered that the government can make money out of the divestiture programme, let him change the agreement in the interest of the country. After all, what is wrong with that? We know how some of these telecom operators are milking this nation dry.

Talking about projects in the Ministry of Information and Communications – what has happened to project vehicles belonging to WARCIP (West African Regional Communications Infrastructure Project) being managed by Julius Kamara? Who has diverted some of the project vehicles to his personal and family use? Whose son was driving one of the project vehicles when it somersaulted on its way to Port Loko? Whose girl friend in now using one of the vehicles to conduct her private business in Freetown? Who bought rotten generators for the fibre optic landing site at the back of Atlantic Bar/Restaurant on Lumley Beach Road?

This Government has now been accused of using false pretences to acquire a US$ 31m loan from the World Bank. Instead of addressing some of these concerns, the Government is busy chasing shadows, by raiding newspaper houses, looking out for documents relating to fibre optic. What kind of nonsense is this?

This so-called SALCAB deal is nothing but a dog’s dinner.

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