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SALPOST… The True Story


SALPOST… The True Story

The Consultant Managing Director of SALPOST (Sierra Leone Postal Services Limited), Mr. Samuel Koroma was, in 2012, recruited from the United States Postal Service by the Government of Sierra Leone to help revamp the moribund post.

Before leaving his top job at the USPS, Mr. Koroma was promised a clean. The state that was handed over to him was grubby.

Mr. Samuel Koroma, SALPOST MD

Mr. Samuel Koroma, SALPOST MD

The Company had a liability of well over Le50Bn. (Fifty Billion Leones) when Mr. Koroma took over as Consultant Managing Director in 2012.

In order to kickstart operations and modernize the operations of SLAPOST, between 2013 and 2015, the Government of Sierra Leone paid to the Management of SALPOST, a total Sum (even though in piecemeal) of Le7 Billion (Seven Billion Leones) to take care of the company’s huge liabilities and start the rehabilitation and modernization process. This amount was just a drop in the ocean. It was not even enough to take care of the company’s age-old liabilities which Mr. Koroma inherited.

Mr. Koroma’s determination to transform the postal service was frustrated and even undermined by some of the SALPOST Workers who lack capacity to fit into a modern postal services operations.

The allegations that, Mr. Koroma has embezzled SALPOST money to the tune of Le7.5 Billion (Seven Billion five hundred million Leones) can only be described as spurious.

SALPOST faces a lot of challenges including lack of government subvention, unpaid local and foreign liabilities, and a bloated aging workforce.

It has to be said that, Mr. Koroma inherited a completely run-down postal service which requires a total overhaul.

Since Mr. Koroma has been scape-goatised, many people believe that, the true story of the state of SALPOST before 2012 must be told. That way, people will understand clearly, the problems that,  Mr. Koroma inherited at the post when he was invited by the Sierra Leone Government in 2012 to come and clean up the mess left behind by some of his predecessors.

The true story of SALPOST must be told in black and white.


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