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Sanna Marah Clears JJ Saffa


Sanna Marah Clears JJ Saffa

The owner of the house situated at number 17 Babardorie Hills at Lumley, Alhaji Sanna Marah has strongly denied media reports that he has sold his house to the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa.

Speaking to Global Times in an interview from the United States of America on Monday, the house owner dismissed claims that he recently sold his house for Four hundred Thousand United States Dollars to Mr. Saffa, describing the reports as “absolute lies and fake news”.

He said the house which he built in the 80s whilst he worked in the banking sector has never been up for sale and will never be sold even after his death. “I have it in my Will that even after my death, the house should not be sold”, he emphasized.

Alhaji Marah who is recovering from a heart surgery in the US narrated the painful circumstances that led to the leasing of the house to some Brazilians about five years ago. “I badly needed money to pay for my heart surgery here in the US, so I leased it out to the Brazilians to fund my medical. Just as the Brazilians had left after the lease, then came in Mr. Saffa who only recently just paid a year’s rent, that is all. So I don’t know where this talk of selling my house came from”, Alhaji Marah lamented.

Alhaji Sanna Marah’s rebuttal has vindicated Mr. Saffa in a seeming smear campaign mounted by his detractors.


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