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Senior Libyan Diplomat Reacts


Senior Libyan Diplomat Reacts

A senior diplomat at the Libyan Embassy in Freetown, Ahmad M. Abudabbous has described as “totally false” newspaper report that the Libyan Foreign Minister in the Government of National Accord, Mohamed Al-Taher Hamouda Saila donated the sum of US$2m (Two Million United States dollars) as support to the Presidential election campaign of the APC Presidential candidate in the March 2018 elections, Dr.  Samura Kamara.

The senior Libyan envoy who happens to be the Charge d’ Affaires at the Libyan Embassy in Freetown, Ahmad Abudabbous  told the Global Times in Freetown on Friday that the Government of the State of Libya has no interest in whoever becomes President of Sierra Leone. “That is a matter for the Sierra Leonean People to decide”, he said.

Mr. Abudabbous clarified that the Government of the State of Libya does not support individual Presidential candidates and/or political parties. “As a country, we support the Government and People of Sierra Leone…The State of Libya has an excellent bilateral relationship with Sierra Leone… We will not jeopardize that good relationship by supporting individual politicians and/or political parties”, M. Abudabbous emphasized.

The senior Libyan diplomat who has worked in Sierra Leone since 2004 described the country as “friendly and accommodating”. He said that his role here is to promote the bilateral relationship between the State of Libya and the Republic of Sierra Leone. “I am not here to work against the interest of the Sierra Leonean People… I am here to support them in whatever way I can to make this country develop and remain peaceful”, he said.

Mr. Abudabbous clarified that he never gave a single cent on behalf of the Libyan Foreign Minister to any of the Presidential candidates in the March 17th and 31st Presidential elections in Sierra Leone. “Let me emphasize once again that the State of Libya and the Libyan Government of National Accord do not support political parties and/or politicians…We support friendly countries to develop… We don’t support individuals or political parties to either retain power or to gain power”, Mr. Abudabbous said.

The senior Libyan diplomat said that the new government of President Julius Maada Bio has done very well in the area of sanitation (The monthly general cleaning) and in the area of Free Quality Education. “I wish His Excellency President Julius Maada well in the discharge of his duties as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone”, he said.


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