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By: Winstanley.R.Bankole Johnson…………….

Let me at the outset warmly welcome the entire Nigerian Medical Task Force that has just arrived in all of our 18 local dialects, to complement the good works being undertaken by a host of other multinationals already on the ground, including of course their Sierra Leonean counterparts. God bless your efforts.

Samples Awaiting Tests
The WHO regional Ebola statistics for the first 21 days in November were grim, but figures from the Ministry of Health (MoH) in the last three (3) days would seem to indicate a glimmer of hope. Figures for fresh outbreaks and reported cases are in a decline. For example, on 6th December, total cases country wide was 54, whilst on the 7th December the figure was 25, with the Western Urban Area scoring the highest on both days at 15 and 9 respectively. This calls for cautious optimism. Cautious I insist, because neither the National Ebola Response Center (NERC) nor the MoH has been availing statistics on “samples awaiting test”, which would indicate whether the efforts of Contact Tracers and Surveillance Officers are adding value and also provide NERC and government the prima-facie evidence to determine the capacity of any new testing labs to be procured – if at all.

Arithmetical Accuracy
I tested the arithmetical accuracy of the various categories regularly reported on and realized that they simply do not add up. For example if you subtracted the figures as at 7th for Cumulative Deaths (1,708) + Probable Deaths (208) + Suspected Deaths (158) + Probable Cases (79) + Suspected Cases (1,402) + Survived and Discharged Cases (1,219) (Totalling 4,774), from the overall Confirmed Cumulative Total of 6,317, there will still be a residue of 1,543 unexplained souls. Phew!! Borborrrrr!!!

Ozone Therapy
My last piece ended with a querulous reference to a seeming dilatoriness on the part of government to agree perforce on introduction of the Oxygenated (Ozone) Therapy to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) victims, and I am constrained to now make copious reference to the topic again because for crying out loud, one cannot fathom why the huge public interest elicited through the print and electronic media on the matter have had to be so unceremoniously discarded. So I believe what would appease us most in this our desperate situation is an explanation from the SL Medical and Dental Association Ethics Committee on why no progress has been made on use of Oxygenated (Ozone) Therapy as proposed by Drs. Howard Robins and Robert Rowen (both from the united States of America) between 17th and 23rd November, and which we were made to believe was a proven and far cheaper cure for the EVD with absolutely no side effects.

Day Dreaming
Pundits believe that even though like the Nano Silver food supplement, a registered business license exist for use the Ozone Therapy in the USA, the National institute of Hygiene (NIH) and possibly the World Health Organisation (WHO) are averse supporting or authorizing their uses because it would undercut the profitability of the main international drugs manufacturers. Since the Ebola outbreak in the sub-region, the exact release date of ZMapp and other cures for use in this part of the world have continued to be consistently postponed and synchronize with the actual timeline that will cover their manufacturing costs. So anyone thinking the first world will ever supervise an undercutting of the profitability of their major (mercenary) manufacturing allied companies by certifying far cheaper and efficacious therapies such as the Nano Silver and Ozone Therapy must be day dreaming. But I shall attempt to argue that out contrary-wise.

Two facts however support why our government MUST ignore even the WHO and proceed with sanctioning use of the Ozone Therapy-:
1. Even as a clinically unproven, untested and uncertified drug, the West allowed use of ZMAPP to those of their critically ill citizens who volunteered for its use against their individual indemnities.
2. Even though like the Nano Silver food supplement, the Ozone Therapy remains unproven, untested and uncertified in the USA, yet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institute of Hygiene (NIH) and even the WHO have NOT been able to proscribe the existence of their manufacturers and inventors, or even arrange their jailing for breaching any international or federal laws.
Logically speaking therefore, if it is allowable for foreign workers to access treatment from the EVD against their indemnities with untested, uncertified and unproven drugs, why should anybody deny our own citizens their fundamental optional right to a treatment of their choice against their own indemnities – be it ZMAPP or Nano Silver or Ozone Therapy – especially as the latter has been proven to have no side effects?
And even if I’m sounding amateurish, I couldn’t be too far from the truth. But nothing puts me off farther than statements by Medicos that we cannot access Ozone therapy because of its unproven evidence of clinical efficacy. After all what kills not fattens!!

It has to be said that apart from the United States (ZMAPP), no other country has announced the specific types of drugs used to cure EVD victims repatriated to Spain, Britain and Switzerland, or those once infected in Nigeria and Senegal to enable us also verify whether such drugs had passed clinically proven tests for their efficacy. Yet the governments of those countries took their destiny in their own hands and did what they knew was in their citizens best interest. And we can do that too!!
In any case how sure are we that the therapies applied to victims in all those countries really passed WHO or NIH scrutiny? Is it not curious that whilst we are running short of cure options and sophisticated equipments to complement the best endeavours of local staff, we’re never running short of body bags, disinfectants and decontaminants? But perhaps the best way to elicit government attention to our clarion call for access to the option of Oxygenated Blood (Ozone) Therapy is to solicit all radio and TV Talk Show hosts to anchor a live programme on the matter so as to gauge citizens’ views.
I am sick and tired of seeing vans with wailing sirens speeding off to cemeteries with body bags.

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