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“Sierra Leone Is Bigger Than Everyone” – President Koroma Says


“Sierra Leone Is Bigger Than Everyone” – President Koroma Says

In his valedictory speck delivered in the Chamber of Parliament on Thursday 7th December, 2017 President Koroma said, our nation is going to the polls to make the important decision of electing its new leaders. In doing so, we must remember where we have undergone, and the gains we have made. It making that important decision, we must all remember that we do not have another Sierra Leone, and that elections are not, and should not be a life or death affair. In making that decision, we must remember that we owe it to ourselves and to posterity, to keep the peace and to prove to the world once again, that we are ready to move on to become a prosperous member of the world community. On my part, I will continue to provide the level playing field for every compatriot to participate in a free, fair and democratic environment. And I want to entreat all the aspirants to understand that Sierra Leone is bigger than every one of us; and to tone down the rhetoric, for in the end, we are all one family; related by blood, by marriage, or by affiliation. Let us go to the pools in peace and in harmony; and come out a stronger and a more united country.

As I prepare to leave, I must admit that I am not a perfect man, I am not without faults; but I have worked to ensure that I came with clean hands, I am going to leave with clean hands. Mine is the only Government that has not hanged anyone; mine is the only government that has never put anyone before a firing squad. I am not a perfect person, and it is impossible to be a leader and not hurt people, every day I ask the good Lord to grant me the spirit of forgiveness unto those I might have hurt, and I pray in the tradition of my faith to forgive all those who might have trespassed against us. And I also pray, that as we move into this testing moment in our country’s history, we find the courage to assert the better values of our magnanimity, our tolerance and our friendship.
The President continue,


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