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Sierra Rutile Donates Le1Bn. To Fight Ebola


Sierra Rutile Donates Le1Bn. To Fight Ebola

On Tuesday 19 August, Sierra Rutile and its major shareholder Pala Investments donated one billion Leones to help Sierra Leone in its fight against Ebola. The cheque was presented to the President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koromaby Sierra Rutile’s CEO John Bonoh Sisay, Non-Executive Director of Sierra Rutile, Alex Kamara and Mike Brown, the Managing Director of Pala Investments.

Speaking on behalf of Sierra Rutile, John Sisay said: “We recognise the severity of the ongoing Ebola epidemic and hope that our contribution will strengthen Sierra Leone’s efforts to beat this disease. The crisis has affected the lives and livelihood of many Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leonean businesses and we will continue to feel the socio-economic repercussions well after the virus has been contained. We make this donation as a gesture of good faith and also to show how deeply concerned we are by the impact of this disease on our country.”

Mike Brown, Managing Director of Pala Investments, Sierra Rutile’s major shareholder said: “The people who have lost loved ones to the Ebola epidemic have our deepest sympathy. As responsible investors in Sierra Leone, we recognise that our commitment to being supportive partners and good corporate citizens is even more important in difficult times such as these. Sierra Leone’s fight against Ebola is one that calls for a united effort and we hope this donation will help support communities in need across the country.”

Last month Sierra Rutile also reinforced the efforts of Bonthe and Moyamba District Councils with a donation of chlorine and Le 100 million for the purchase of vital medical supplies and equipment, and to support their work keeping the community informed about how the disease is spread and how to avoid contamination.

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