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“Sierratel’s Future Is Bright” Says Adel Taher


“Sierratel’s Future Is Bright” Says Adel Taher

An upbeat Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of SIERRATEL (Sierra Leone
Telecommunications Company), Adel Taher has expressed optimism about the future of the Company, saying that “It is as bright as the proverbial Northern Star”.
Mr. Adel’s Company MDIC (Management Development International Company) was awarded a three year Management Contract in June 2012 to turn around SIERRATEL and make it attractive for any future privatization bid. Under Adel Taher’s supervision, SIERRATEL has become very attractive, credible and competitive.
According to Mr. Taher, the company now derives sixty percent of its revenue from its core business of mobile, fixed and broadband. Before the arrival of MDIC, SIERRATEL was in a financial meltdown.
The SIERRATEL Managing Director called on the Government of Sierra Leone to continue to support the company until such a time that it can fully support its operations on its own.
He said the challenge now is, to liberate the company from Government financial support. “We cannot continue to rely on the Government for financial support at all times”, Mr. Taher admitted.
He continued, “We are now working very hard to make the company independent of |Government financial support…I see this happening in the next one year,” Mr. Taher predicted.
A senior member of the Management of SIERRATEL told the Global Times that, Mr. Taher has brought a high level of credibility to the company. “Even if Mr. Taher and his team leave next year, the company will continue to thrive and compete vigorously with other private telecommunication companies”, he said.
Mr. Taher inherited a bloated work force of six hundred and twenty eight staff members. He noted that his tenure in office has been very challenging but praised his staff for their support and unwavering commitment to work.
The SIERRATEL CEO praised the Board of Directors, NCP (National Commission for Privatization) and the Government of Sierra Leone for the endless support he and his team continue to enjoy on a daily basis.

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