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SLPP Councilors In Hot Soup


SLPP Councilors In Hot Soup

By: Sheku Tanga……………………..

Five councilors of the Kenema City Council who were led by APC’s Robin Fallay to visit President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma at State House in Freetown are currently in hot waters with their party.

The party’s regional officers met last week at an emergency meeting to look into the rationale behind the secret visit of the five councilors to the President without the party’s knowledge and/or consent.

According to the Party’s Regional Secretary East, Rex Bonapha who was speaking on Eastern Radio in relation to the issue and the outcome of the emergency meeting, the party has viewed the action or visit of the five councilors as something that contravenes the ethics and principles of the Sierra Leone People’s Party.

He further stated that the five councilors Mohamed Sesay, Mohamed Rogers, Amidu Bah, Aminata and Councilor Joseph Alpha have no moral standing to apologize on behalf of the Mayor of Kenema City to the President and for the development of Kenema adding that it is the President’s constitutional responsibility to develop Kenema like other areas in the country and also to distribute national resources equitably.

Mayor Joseph Samba Keifala has distanced himself from the action of the five councilors saying it undermines the operations of the council, his personal self and the political party that they are representing in council.

The Mayor said he is planning to write an official letter to the party’s National Secretariat in Freetown asking them to look in to the matter and for appropriate disciplinary action to be taken against the councilors.

In Kenema, grassroots supporters of the SLPP have viewed the visit of the councilors as a betrayal and have called for their immediate impeachment and expulsion from the party.

Meanwhile, one of the offending councilors, Amidu Bah last Monday justified their visit to the President at State House. He said that they went and apologized to the President on behalf of the Mayor for the acrimonious relationship between him and the Mayor and to also lobby for development programs to be directed to Kenema.

Charles Mambu of Health for All Coalition also speaking on Eastern Radio in Kenema this past Friday condemned the action of the councilors describing it as unprofessional.

He stated that the councilors must have used the leadership of the council conscientiously to agree before taken such venture and not necessarily using the back door to pay a visit to State House.

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