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SLPP Crisis: Why President Koroma Should Intervene


SLPP Crisis: Why President Koroma Should Intervene

By Sorie Fofana………………………….

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is in the final year of his Presidency. If everything goes as planned, there should be a brand new President at State House by the end of February next year.

Political Historians have already started recording the good, the bad and the ugly side of Koroma’s Presidency.

One of Koroma’s greatest legacies is his determination to maintain peace and stability across the country. He knows that, without peace, there will be no development in the country.

The SLPP Crisis

The SLPP (Sierra Leone Peoples Party) was founded in 1951. Ten years later, the party gained Independence for the country thus ending Colonial rule in Sierra Leone in April 1961.


The SLPP has a lot to be proud of as one of the oldest political parties in the West African sub-region.

It is the SLPP that brought peace to the country, after eleven years of civil conflict. It is, therefore, strange that, the oldest political party in the country cannot be at peace with itself.

The recent political turmoil in the SLPP has left many people wondering whether, indeed, the SLPP is really prepared to take over the governance of this country in February 2018.

There are two parallel executives now manning the affairs of the Party. Even the international community now finds it difficult to deal with the SLPP because the Party is in disarray.

Business people who are sympathetic to the Party are now finding it very difficult to support the SLPP because it is totally disorganized.

Journalists who have been supporting the Party in opposition have now started distancing themselves from the SLPP because the Party is split right in the middle.

The Role Of President Koroma

This writer is very much aware of the fact that, on several occasions, some key players in the SLPP have openly accused President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma of fueling the crisis in the SLPP.

Some of them have even accused the President of supporting certain candidates in the SLPP in order for him to have a controlling influence over the affairs of the Party.

Defeated presidential candidate Solomon Berewa (L), outgoing President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (C) and opposition leader Ernest Bai Koroma stand for the national anthem in State Lodge before Koroma is sworn in as the new President of Sierra Leone in Freetown September 17, 2007. Opposition leader Koroma was sworn in as Sierra Leone's president on Monday after winning polls marked by violence and some fraud, prompting celebrations and looting in which at least one man was killed. REUTERS/Katrina Manson (SIERRA LEONE)

 Solomon Berewa (L),  President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (C) and opposition leader Ernest Bai Koroma

Some of these accusations may have forced the President to leave the SLPP to sort out their internal conflict without his direct or indirect involvement. The President should rethink his decision in the interest of maintaining peace and stability in the country!

Any crisis in the main opposition SLPP will threaten the peace and stability of the country.  As Father of the Nation, President Koroma should  intervene in the SLPP crisis and bring all the waring factions together, in the interest of peace and stability in the country.

As things stand now, the SLPP is incapable of amicably resolving their internal conflict.

It is only by divine intervention that the waring factions in the SLPP will come to the negotiating table and resolve their differences.

Statesman Posture

When the internal conflict in the APC threatened the peace and security of the country, the then President, Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (of blessed memory) asked his National Security Adviser at State House, Brigadier (Rtd.) Kellie Conteh to ensure that, he brought all the waring factions in the APC party together.

As a conflict resolution expert, Brig. (Rtd.) Kellie Conteh hit the ground running, by making contacts with all the faction leaders within the APC. And the party decided to back their popular candidate, Ernest Bai Koroma which eventually led to lasting peace in the then main opposition APC Party.

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma should rise to the occasion (as Father of the Nation) and find a way to resolve the long-drawn out conflict in the SLPP.

President Koroma has started showing signs of statesmanship by the way he talks, by the way he dresses and by the way he interacts with people across the country.

Bringing peace to the fractured SLPP will be one of President Koroma’s greatest legacies in time to come.

Therefore, we are appealing to the President to intervene in the SLPP crisis and find a workable solution in the interest of peace and stability in Mama Salone.

Thank you!


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