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SLPP Elects Regionally Balanced National Executive


SLPP Elects Regionally Balanced National Executive

About six hundred delegates gathered in the Eastern Regional Headquarter town of Kenema on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to elect National Officers of the main opposition SLPP that will manage the affairs of the party for the next two years.

Observers have described the election of SLPP National Officers as “very credible, transparent, free and fair”.

The party will meet in the first week of October to elect their Presidential candidate for the March 2018 Presidential elections.

The key positions of party Chairman/Leader, National Secretary General and National Women’s Leader were keenly contested.

Dr. Prince Alex Harding won convincingly against his main challenger, Dr. Morie Manyeh for the position of National Chairman/Leader.

Umaru Napoleon Koroma was duly elected National Secretary General after he convincingly defeated his three opponents.

The position of National Women’s Leader was clinched by Madam Fatmata Sawanneh who trounced Hon Emma Kowa.

The position of Young Generation Leader was retained by Musa Moiguah after he defeated his main challenger, Orman Bangura.

Lahai Lawrence Leema was overwhelmingly elected National Publicity Secretary after he defeated two challengers.

See the full list of newly elected National Officers of the main opposition SLPP below.

  1. Prince Alex Harding – Chairman and Leader (South)

    2. Umaru Dumbuya – Deputy Chairman and Leader (North)

    3.Umaru Napoleon Koroma – National Secretary General (North)

    4.Sheku Lexmond Koroma – Deputy National Secretary General (South)

    5. Hon. Manso Dumbuya – Vice Chairman, Western Area (North)

    6. Hon. Edward Suluku – Vice Chairman, Southern Region (South)

    7. Hon. Philip Tondorneh – Vice Chairman, Eastern Region (East)

    8. Abu Abu Koroma – Vice Chairman, Northern Region (North)

    9. Lahai Lawrence Leema – National Publicity Secretary (East)

    10. Musa Moiguah – National Young Generation Leader (South)

    11. Emerson Kamara – National Young Generation Secretary General (North)

    12. Jimmy B Songa – National Organising Secretary (South)

    13. Rex Bonapha – Deputy National Organising Secretary elect (East)

    14. Fatmata Sawaneh – National Women’s Leader (East)

    15. Fatmata Bockarie – Deputy National Women’s Leader (East)

    16. Lawyer Anthony Brewah – Legal Adviser 1 (South)

    17. Lawyer Eke Halloway – Legal Adviser 2

    18. Lawyer Hindolo M. Gevao – Legal Adviser 3 (East)

    19. Dr. J. D Rogers – National Financial Secretary (South)

    20. Martha Kanagbo – National Treasurer (South)

    21. Mohamed F. Sheriff- National Internal Auditor (South)

    21. Rev. Dwight French -Chaplin (West)

    22. Alhaji M. N. Koroma- Imam (North)

    23. Alhaji M. B Fadika – Trustee West (Urban) (West)

    24. Frederick A.S. Walker – Trustee West (Rural) (West)

    25. Sidi B. Sowa – Trustee South 1 (South)

    26.Luretia M.Sheriff -Trustee South 2 (South)

    27. Alhaji M.L. Kallon -Trustee East 1 (East)

    28. Agnes K.Sebba – Trustee East 2 (East)

    29. Alusine Fofanah -Trustee North 1 (North)

    30. Alie Badara Kamara-Trustee North 2 (North



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