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SLPP Is A Family Says John Benjamin


SLPP Is A Family Says John Benjamin

The former Chairman/Leader of the SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) John Benjamin has said in Freetown that the SLPP is a family and not a party. “We must settle our differences in-house and not in a court of law or on the airwaves”, the outspoken and fearless John Benjamin warned.

The former charismatic party Chairman/Leader called on members and supporters of the SLPP to unite behind the party and not behind individuals. He noted that the party is bigger than any one individual.

Mr. Benjamin called on the current party Chairman/Leader Chief Somanoh Kapen to revive the SLPP monthly press conference he (Mr. Benjamin) started as party Chairman in order to keep the government and the APC party on their toes. “We cannot continue to keep quiet as the country goes down the drain”, Mr. Benjamin emphasized.

He noted that 2018 will be the best opportunity for the SLPP to return to power.

Mr. Benjamin, amid deafening applause said he was happy to return to the party headquarters almost a year after he since left as National Chairman/Leader. The current Chairman/Leader of the SLPP, Chief Somanoh Kapen publicly begged Mr. Benjamin not to allow his legacy of a united SLPP to be eroded. Mr. Benjamin promised to do everything possible to unite the party.

Mr. Benjamin said the party does not need a perpetual flagbearer but a President.

The well-attended reconciliation meeting at the SLPP headquarters on Saturday June 28 has been described as a major step forward in the search for lasting peace in the SLPP.

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