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SLPP Is A Voiceless Opposition


SLPP Is A Voiceless Opposition

A senior opposition Politician has called on members and supporters of the main opposition SLPP (Sierra Leone Peoples Party) to put their act together and present a credible alternative to the “disastrously failing APC Party”. “The APC has failed the Nation…The People of Sierra Leone deserve a regime change through the ballot box”, he said.

According to the SLPP strongman, “The people of Sierra Leone cannot continue to be governed by the APC Party after February 2018…The Party has failed even its own core supporters (the grassroots)…Cost of living has gone up…Salaries are very low…The value of the Leone (the local currency) has gone down…Inflation is skyrocketing…We cannot afford another five years of hardship, rampant blackout and water shortage in the country under this failed administration…The people of this country deserve a better deal…They are yearning for a New Direction under a new SLPP government”.

He called on his fellow party members and supporters to unite behind one winning candidate that can easily defeat ‘this failed government.” “President Koroma has failed us…We cannot afford to have another failed APC President…We have to convince the electorate that we are a credible alternative to the APC…The people know that, the SLPP knows how to manage the economy…We know how to create jobs for the teeming youth population…We know what it takes to attract foreign direct investments”, he said.

Elections are due to be held in February 2018. “We will not allow any postponement of those elections…The people of Sierra Leone will give us the democratic mandate to govern this country in 2018…The APC is being slowly rejected in their traditional strongholds…Their core supporters are now deserting the party for new opportunities…The APC is dying slowly in the Northern Region”.

“President Koroma who is seen as the credible face of the party is no longer running for public office again…The APC is going to be without their golden boy…And they won’t get a Presidential candidate that will be able to unite the party after what is expected to be a bitterly contested flag bearer election next year”, he said.

He concluded by saying that, “This is the time for us (SLPP) to come together and kick the APC out of power through the ballot box…I call on all party members and supporters to put the interest of the party above personal interests”.

Unfortunately, he said, “Our party has become a voiceless opposition because of the bitter leadership infighting that is going on”.

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