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SLPP Is Dying Slowly


SLPP Is Dying Slowly

By: Sorie Fofana…………………………………..

The ghastly stabbing to death of a young SLPP activist in Kenema, Daddy George, has been seen as a major setback to achieving lasting peace in this great Party. There can be no justification for such cowardly act. The Police must be allowed to carry on their investigations and the perpetrators must be speedily brought to book.

Following hot on the heels of that unfortunate incident, is report that, some flagbearer aspirants were last Saturday (4th June) refused entry into the Party’s Headquarters to attend a NEC (National Executive Council) meeting slated for that day.

It is understood that, eventhough those flag bearer aspirants are not NEC members, they were formally invited to attend that meeting by no less a person than the Party’s National Chairman/Leader in consultation with the PPRC (Political Parties Registration Commission) as Observers.

It is further understood that, Chief Somano Kapen did not inform his Cabinet (National Officers) of the decision that, some flag bearer aspirants would be attending the NEC meeting as Observers. That is where the whole problem started. Chief Kapen does not need to be told that, NEC meetings are convened for NEC members ONLY.

If, for any reason, an agreement had been reached between the Chief and PPRC for flag bearer aspirants who are not members of NEC to attend a NEC meeting, such decision should have been communicated clearly to other NEC members even before the meeting commenced.

In our view, Chief Kapen has failed to provide strong leadership for the SLPP. Because, he is desperate for a second term, he wants to satisfy everybody in the Party. That is not leadership. That is weakness.

Chief Kapen has openly accused Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio of remote controlling the National Executive of the SLPP. That is a clear admission that, the Chief has lost control over his own Cabinet. In decent societies, the Chief would have easily resigned and allow the Party to elect a new National Executive.

There would have been no objection from other NEC members if only Chief Kapen had done the decent thing of informing them that, he had invited some flag bearer aspirants to the NEC meeting as Observers, in the name of peace and genuine reconciliation.

It is unfortunate that, the SLPP crisis continues to deepen even as the nation prepares for general elections in seventeen months time.

SLPP members and supporters should put the interest of the Party above their personal interests, by allowing peace to rein in the Party. Otherwise, they will die and even rot in opposition.

There has been no significant development in trying to bring the Party together. The warring factions in the SLPP are germinating like seeds.

The Party should stop destroying itself. It is time to come together and defeat the APC in 2018. The APC has failed the nation.

Thank you!

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