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SLPP: Peace Accord On Mosquito Legs?


SLPP: Peace Accord On Mosquito Legs?

By Sorie Fofana………………………….

On 8th February, 2017 all SLPP flagbearer aspirants and stakeholders signed a Joint Communique, meant to signal the end of a bitter leadership fight in the Party. All the flag bearer aspirants agreed to work together in order for peace to prevail in this great Party.

It was agreed by all the flag bearer aspirants that the suspended National Chairman and Leader of the Party, Chief Somanoh Kapen be reinstated without delay.

It was also agreed by all the Party’s flagbearer aspirants and stakeholders that, “All court actions should be withdrawn forthwith based on consent judgment”.

A Special Committee on Peace, headed by one of the most outstanding flagbearer aspirants, Dr. Alie Kabba, was tasked with the responsibility of “proposing a framework for sustainable peace in the Party”.

One of the sticking points remains the disputed 39 constituencies. The special committee was to reexamine the situation in light of the High Court ruling of 15th February, 2017.


The committee, in its report, pointed out that, the plaintiffs in the court matters (all of them KKY supporters) failed to act in good faith by refusing to withdraw the court matters.

The committee made a very salient recommendation to NEC which is worth reproducing here, “Recognizing the fact that  time is not on the side of the Party as we approach national elections and, in particular, the wisdom to avoid the pitfalls of an endless and bottomless process, the committee’s proposal for consideration of NEC is to uphold the court ruling with an unwavering commitment to inclusive, fair and transparent engagement of all factions and stakeholders in order to deepen trust and faith in the Party”.

Justice Babatunde Edwards of the Freetown High Court had ruled that, the outcome of the 39 disputed constituency elections was decisive.

Since Dr. Allie Kabba submitted his report to the National Chairman/Leader of the SLPP last Thursday, for the attention of NEC, some members of the KKY faction of the Party have accused him of being a PaoPa stooge.

The KKY representative on the Special Committee on Peace, Ambassador Fode M. Dabor has been described as disruptive and bereft of progressive ideas. He is also described as being dogmatic.

PaoPa Absolved

In one of its concluding paragraphs, the committee noted that, Ambassador Fode Dabor of KKY Movement, refused to sign the report even after all the other members had signed it. He is accused of acting in bad faith.

This report has gone a long way to discredit the KKY faction of the SLPP. It is clear from this special report that, the KKY faction are not prepared to settle down for anything short of flagbearer position for their new-comer candidate, Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella.

The Paopa faction has really bent over backward to accommodate all the proposals made by the KKY faction.

In fact, the Paopa faction have cooperated fully in the implementation of the Joint Communique signed on 8th February, 2017.

Will KKY Leave SLPP?

The question many concerned SLPP members and supporters continue to ask is: Will Dr. Kandeh Yumkella remain in the Party if he fails to win the SLPP flagbearer race in April 2017?

Does Dr. Kandeh Yumkella really understand the dynamics of SLPP politics? Having joined the Party only recently, does he understand what the Party really stands for?

Since Dr. Kandeh Yumkella is desperate to become a Presidential candidate in 2018, will he form a new Party to contest against his late father’s Party (the SLPP)?

Will people like Mrs. I.J. Kabbah (former National Women’s Leader of the SLPP and the wife of the Party’s former Leader, Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah) leave the SLPP to join a new Party?

Will Ambassador Fode Dabor leave the SLPP to join a new Party? These are all strong and genuine members of the SLPP.

The question on the lips of many SLPP members and supporters up and down this country is: What has really happened to the peace process in the SLPP? Is it all but dead?

With people like Dr. Alie Kabba, Alpha Timbo and John Benjamin around, there is still light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

One Country, One People!


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