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SLPP Running Mate- Why Alpha Timbo!


SLPP Running Mate- Why Alpha Timbo!

By Sorie Fofana.

From the look of things, it would appear as if majority of the six hundred and  forty something SLPP delegates are poised to reelect their 2012 Presidential candidate, Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio to fly the party’s flag in the March 2018 elections.

In 2011, immediately after he was elected party flag bearer, Brig Bio appointed a Northerner, Dr. Kadi Sesay as his running mate.

Because of her deteriorating health, Dr. Kadi Sesay is no longer available for such consideration.

We have no doubt that, Brig Bio would have reappointed Dr. Kadi Sesay as his running mate for the 2018 elections had it not been for the latter’s poor and deteriorating health.

Flag Bearer Election

Effectively, there are only five candidates left in the race to become SLPP flag bearer. They are: John Benjamin, Alie Kabba, Umaru Bond Wurie, Julius Maada Bio and Munda Rogers.

One of the frontrunners, Alpha Timbo, has withdrawn his candidature in favor of Brig. Bio.

He told Party delegates in Port Loko that, he was now backing the flag bearer and Presidential bid of his main rival, Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio.

Ever since he withdrew from the flag bearer race, Alpha Timbo has been regularly seen in the company of Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio. In fact, they were in Koidu City together on Saturday 7th October, 2017.


On Sunday 15th October 2017, SLPP delegates would have the opportunity, once again, to elect their Presidential candidate for the March 2018 elections.

It is evidently clear that, the Party’s 2012 Presidential candidate is set to be reelected as the Party’s standard bearer for the March 2018 elections.

Why Alpha Timbo

Many of Bio’s key advisers believe that, Alpha Timbo would be a good running mate and eventually a good Vice President if the SLPP wins the March 2018 elections.

Timbo is, undoubtedly one of the strong Politicians from the Northern Region.

He hails from a prominent family in Bombali district. Even though he is a Fullah by tribe, he speaks Temne very eloquently. Temne and Fullah are two of the largest tribes in Sierra Leone.

Alpha Timbo is a household name in Sierra Leone. He has been a high school teacher, a trade unionist, a cabinet minister and now a lawyer. Such a man is nobody’s pushover!

Bio+Timbo=State House

Many people believe that, a Bio/Timbo ticket is a winning ticket for the SLPP in March 2018.

The decision to appoint a running mate in the SLPP is normally taken by the Party’s flag bearer in consultation with the Party.

In the absence of any strong or viable candidate for the post of running mate in the SLPP, we recommend the appointment of Alpha Timbo as SLPP running mate in the March 2018 elections.

One Country, One People!

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