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Socfin Agricultural Company NON ENGAGEMENT OF CHILD LABOUR


Socfin Agricultural Company NON ENGAGEMENT OF CHILD LABOUR

The Management of Socfin Agricultural Company, Sierra Leone Limited with over thirty thousand acres of oil palm plantation and the largest palm oil mill in this part of Africa established and constructed in the Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District, working in concert with the International Labour Organization, European Commission in respect of employment and recruitment of Labour has roundly dismissed  the accusation of the use of any child labour  as erroneously claimed.

The Management of Socfin Agricultural Company hereby wants all and sundry to know that besides its full time commitment to ILO, EUROPEAN COMMISSION and the labour laws of Sierra Leone, the company does NOT employ children and works in cooperation with the Pujehun District Council and Malen Chiefdom local administration.

Further to this, recently an oversight committee of 18 Members of Parliament visited Socfin to inspect various aspects including employment issues and found no causes of concern.

Socfin started in 2014 a scholarship scheme for successful BECE candidates to enter Senior Secondary Schools which in effect underscores the importance the company attaches to child education. This year alone 41 children from MJJS benefited from a scholarship. Additionally 3 weeks ago Socfin provided transport and feeding to all candidates attending National Primary School examinations in Sahn Malen.

Similarly Socfin has undertaken refurbishment and constructions of schools, currently new schools being built in Bendu Malen and another in Male Malen besides payment of community teachers whose names are not on the pay roll.

In conclusion, the Management of Socfin being ISO 14001 certified once more dismisses any accusations that the plantation engages child labour knowing our youths remain key and foremost fundamentality of the precious work of Socfin which is charged with the collective responsibility of the upbringing of children regardless of tribe and nationality.


Easmon Moiguah


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