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Socfin Suffers Endless Blackmail


Socfin Suffers Endless Blackmail

Green Scenery has been accused of peddling big fat lies against Socfin Agricultural Company, operating in the Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun district.

Recently, Green Scenery reported that, Socfin is operating illegally in Bargbo Chiefdom, Bo District. They falsely and maliciously accused the company of operating in areas that do not fall within their concession areas.

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A survey plan approved by the Government of Sierra Leone shows that, Socfin is operating only in Malen Chiefdom in the Pujehun district. And nowhere else!

Green Scenery have prepared a false prospectus, which they had forwarded to some international NGOs like FIAN-Belgium, claiming that, Socfin has embarked on illegal large scale land acquisition in both Pujehun and Bo districts.

This report has been discredited by some senior government officials who told the Global Times that, there had been no official complaint from the local authorities in Bargbo Chiefdom, Bo district in support of the erroneous and misleading claim made by Green Scenery.

The Executive Director of Green Scenery, Mr. Joseph Rahall had written a letter to EPA (Environment Protection Agency) urging them to revoke the license of Socfin without any convincing reason (s). Their letter was dumped in the dustbin.

Many residents in Malen Chiefdom have praised Socfin for ensuring that adequate food is grown in the Chiefdom to strengthen food security.

This intervention is done through low land mechanical rice cultivation and Inland Valley Swamp (IVS) production. In 2006, Socfin provided a substantial amount of seed rice for low land rice farming and for IVS production.

Socfin has, on several occasions, endeavored to work closely with Green Scenery to enhance their monitoring activities. But, Green Scenery has failed to genuinely cooperate with the company. They have instead embarked on false and baseless accusations against the company.

Recently, the local authorities in Malen Chiefdom called on the Government of Sierra Leone to halt the operations of MALOA and Green Scenery in the entire Chiefdom.

Some people have accused Green Scenery of mis-spending donor funds, by failing to account to both SLANGO and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. A spokesman for Green Scenery has denied the allegation describing it as totally untrue.

Green Scenery says they are only determined to ensure that Socfin does the right thing in the interest of the people of Malen Chiefdom and the catchment communities.

The Government of Sierra Leone is yet to react to accusations that, some NGOs and CSOs are undermining investor confidence by engaging in acts of incitements against some foreign investors.

A Government of Sierra Leone spokesman told the Global Times yesterday that, they were aware of some of the negative activities that some NGOs and CSOs are engaged in to undermine the country’s security and the national economy. “I can confirm to you that, we are seriously addressing these concerns and the Government will issue a statement very soon”, the spokesman assured.

All we can say to our friends at Green Scenery is; leave Socfin alone. Thank you very much!


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