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Spotlight On Lebanese Contractors


Spotlight On Lebanese Contractors

Since the APC Party came to power in 2007, every Lebanese Jack and Jill has become a government contractor/supplier.
A good number of Lebanese nationals, who had other lucrative businesses before 2007, have all abandoned their businesses to become government contractors/suppliers.
Since 2007, only a few Sierra Leonean business people have benefitted from some major government contracts. And those are all ruling party supporters and/or officials.
Most of the Lebanese contractors/suppliers are in the habit of repatriating their wealth to either Lebanon or some European countries on a quarterly basis! Most of them have bought expensive landed property and developed an estate portfolio in Beirut, London and even in New York.
Some of them have even established café bars, restaurants and car rental offices in some major cities in Europe including London and Brussels and even in Lebanon.
What have they really done for the people of Sierra Leone? You only hear their names when a disaster happens in this country. That is the only time they want to come forward and show that they love this country. What a deceitful conduct that is!
Investigations show that, ninety five percent of all contracts awarded by the Ministry of Defence went to Lebanese-owned companies in this country.
Ninety five percent of all major contracts awarded by the Ministries of Agriculture and Health went to Lebanese-owned companies.
In all government contracts awarded since 2007 to date, Lebanese nationals have enjoyed a huge chunk of them. What have Sierra Leonean business people actually benefitted from this APC government since 2007?
It is also worthy of note, to point out that, almost all major contracts awarded by the Ministries of Energy and Water Resources went to Lebanese owned-companies. What have Sierra Leoneans actually benefitted from this APC government?
Even contracts awarded by agencies and departments under the supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs went to Lebanese owned companies. What have Sierra Leoneans actually benefitted from this APC government?
Some foolish Lebanese boys now arrogantly boast of the connections they have established in this government since 2007. That is why some of them even treat some Sierra Leoneans as second-class citizens in their own country.
Yes, there are still few Lebanese nationals that have really shown love and affection for this country and its people. And the country and people have always been grateful to them. But, this warped mentality of some foolish Lebanese boys, who think that, they own this country and can get away with anything under the sun must be contained now!
Very soon, we will begin to name and shame some of these crooks, parading as government contractors/suppliers
in this country. We will also show the number of government contracts that have been awarded to them and the quantum of money involved in those contracts. The gloves are now out! After all, we are not fools in this country!


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