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Star Zee To Expand Africell’s Subscriber Base


Star Zee To Expand Africell’s Subscriber Base

Sierra Leonean female super star in the country’s music industry, Linda Samai, commonly known as ‘Star Zee’,  on Wednesday 19th September 2018, officially signed an agreement with the country’s leading mobile operator Africell. Star Zee is the latest Brand Ambassador in the country.

The event which took place at the company’s headquarters in Freetown was witnessed by journalists from both the print and electronic media.

Making a statement,  Abdul Aziz Kamara of Africell who moderated the press conference, informed the audience that relationship between Star Zee and Africell dated far back as 2014 when she was sponsored by the company as she launched her first album ‘Lie Lie’ at the Young Sportsmen’s Club (YSC) in Freetown. Star Zee has from that point graduated to becoming the country’s biggest female super star in the country.

Abdul Aziz further also said Africell occupies an enviable and an undeniable leadership position in the communication industry. “Artists come with what they can offer and are then helped to develop their career and an enhanced future”, he noted.

Linda Samai was born in Wilberforce and lived with her father, who was the lead vocalist in the Military Brass Band. This recollection jogged the memory of Star Zee, who admitted that she fell in love with music from those early stages in life and developed a passion for music. Star Zee whilst studying at the Milton Margai College to become an Air Hostess, her alternate passion, she could not help her continued growth and passion for Music and later entered the industry. The breakthrough came with the song “Show me your lighter” in 2017.

During several tours in Australia, she had the opportunity to share the stage with one of the world’s super star in the entertainment industry, Pato Ranking and later did a song with another star, ‘Stone Boy’.

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