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Tegloma Doles Out Support


Tegloma Doles Out Support

By Sheku Tanga .
Tegloma Federation International -America Chapter has donated scholarship to deserving Secondary School Pupils in Kenema, Kono and Kailahun districts for the East and Moyamba, Pujehun, Bonthe and Bo districts for the South and including four university students from the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS).
The Financial Secretary of Tegloma Washington DC Branch, Jasie Rogers said that Tegloma is one of the leading philanthropist Sierra Leonean based organizations in America that has contributed enormously in the past and present towards the development of Sierra Leone through charity.

She stated that the scholarship awards in the form of tuition fees and other support to school pupils including few University students across the country is one among series of the developmental projects that Tegloma is doing in Sierra Leone.
Mrs. Jasie Rogers encouraged beneficiaries of the awards to utilize the scholarship judiciously for the achievement of academic excellence.
The Assistant Treasurer, Mrs. Regiana Swarray stated that the total amount of fees paid to forty of the secondary school beneficiaries is in the tune of thirty million Leones excluding the support for three of the University Students from College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS).
She said the scholarship project supported by Tegloma is continuous and sustained adding that beneficiaries will only dropout of the scheme if they perform abysmally poor in their academic work.
Tegloma is a non-profit organization that was formed back in 1975 by few Sierra Leoneans in the Washington DC of the United States. The organization’s main focus areas have been the promotion of the culture and tradition of Sierra Leone especially the Mende Culture. The organization exists in 14 States of the United States, Canada, also in the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world including Sierra Leone. Over the 40 plus years in existence, Tegloma has always supported projects in the area of medicines, medical equipment, materials and supplies to needy hospitals in Sierra Leone. It helped a lot during the 11-year civil war; helped with the restoration of democracy back in 1997, the Ebola crisis and recent mudslide in Freetown. These helps were in the form of thousands of dollars, materials and equipment.
The secretary General of Tegloma, Phodei Ibrahim Sheriff in an online conversation with him disclosed that Tegloma is poised to start the construction of a multipurpose building in Bo City which will house unaccompanied children, provide adult education, host meetings and conventions, Lodge guests, etc. The organization decided to create a flagship legacy by choosing to contribute to the education of Sierra Leonean children by awarding scholarships and following on their academic progress.

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