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The Ernest Koroma Toll Road: Frying Us With Our Oil


The Ernest Koroma Toll Road: Frying Us With Our Oil

By Albert Harding (Jr.).                                                                          

Fellow Sierra Leoneans I regret to inform you that President Ernest Koroma and Samura Kamara do not mean well for this country and their desire is to fleece the country and the poor people of Sierra Leone of their personal and government earnings.

The ‘Freetown – Masiaka Road Widening Project’ is one key area President Ernest Koroma, Dr. Samura Kamara and Dr. Kaifala Marah have used to fry us Sierra Leoneans with our own oil. The Freetown – Masiaka Road Project is a unique corruption deal gone into by President Koroma, Dr. Samura Kamara and Kaifala Marah to swell their already ill-gotten wealth, while leaving us Sierra Leoneans in penury and slavery to pay the wealth they have created for themselves in the Freetown – Masiaka Road Project.

The analyses of the Toll Road contract which I am going to present will inform all of us of how President Koroma, Dr. Samura Kamara and others have designed the toll road contract to continue to enrich themselves at the expense of we the people.

As we are all aware, all foreign contracts are entered into by the Foreign Minister, the Minister of Finance and approved by the Head of State. Regarding the Freetown-Masiaka Toll Road Project, we have heard several times from President Koroma on national radio and television telling Sierra Leoneans that his Government has signed contract withChinese Bank and the Chinese Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) Company for the widening of the Freetown- Masiaka Road.

According to the Agreement, Sierra Leoneans will continue pay toll charges for the road for twenty nine (29) years starting from the start of the construction. How will this contract affect Sierra Leone assuming that the minimal toll collection per day is Le5, 000,000, although I am quite convinced that they collect up to if not more than Le10, 000,000 per day?

Let us analyze the contract cost:

  1. Let us assume that the toll charges collected per day is Le5, 000,000 (Five Million Leones) although more money is collected.
  2. If we multiply this Le5, 000,000 per day by 365 days in a year @ Le5, 000,000×365 it will give us Le1, 825,000,000. That is for every year, the toll road will fetch One Billion Four Hundred and Sixty Million Leones.
  3. If we multiply this sum (Le1, 825,000,000) by 29 years i.e. Le1, 825, 000,000x 29 years we will get Le52, 925,000,000. Fifty Two Billion Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Million Leones.
  4. The Dollar equivalence of Le52, 925,000,000 @ 7,800 is $6,785,256.410, 256. 41. This means that by the end of the 29 years, Ernest Koroma, Samura Kamara, Kaifala Marah and the Chinese would have received more than Six Billion Dollars into their accounts.
  5. Let us also assume that the Koroma government will pay Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000) per one kilometer mile road (the highest chargein the world), then Sierra Leone will pay $5,000,000×47 Kilometer miles, which will give $235,000,000. That will mean that the road will cost Two Hundred and Thirty Five Million Dollars.
  6. If we subtract L$235,000,000 from $6,785,256.410,256,41 we get$6,550,256.410,256.41
  7. So even if Sierra Leone paid Five Million Dollars per one kilometer mile, amounting to Two Hundred and Thirty Five Million Dollars to CRSG, Ernest Koroma, Samura Kamara and KelfalaMarah would still retain more thanSix Billion Dollars to themselves.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, you now see how the ‘World Best’, Ernesto and his boys planned to fry us with our own oil. By this contract, Ernest Korma and his cohorts, Samura and Marah will be transformed into Billionaires from the earnings of poor Sierra Leoneans. Can anyone wonder now why President Koroma handpicked Samura Kamara to contest for the Presidency under the APC? He is the only reliable person that will protect this Toll Road corruption deal.

Fellow Sierra Leonean we should not allow President Koroma to continue to fleece us even after leaving power. Already we all know that he has used his presidency to enrich all his family members and relatives at the expense of all of us. I mean all of us, Temnes, Mendes, Limbas, Konos, Fullah, Krios, Susus, Madingoes, Korankos, Yalunkas, Kissis and Sherbros have remained poor while Ernest and his siblings including his servants, maids, dogs and cats have grown fatter and fatter from our resources.

This piece should serve as an eye opener to Sierra Leoneans to guide us in our individual and collective decision to vote wisely in this election. If Sierra Leoneans do not want to be continued to be used as collaterals topay for debtsof ill-gotten wealth of President Koroma and his crook Ministers, which they have amassed through bogus and corrupt toll road contract deal, we must not vote for the APC Party and its Flag bearer candidate.  This time round let us free ourselves from corrupt manipulations. I implore all voters to vote for other candidates and not Samura Kamara for the Presidency.

In conclusion, I challenge President Koroma, Samura Kamara and Kaifala Marah to challenge my Toll Road contract analyses above with their own evidences and calculations for public scrutiny and knowledge.

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