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The Fall Of APC In Kono… Who Should Carry The Can?


The Fall Of APC In Kono… Who Should Carry The Can?

By Sorie Fofana.

Before the March 7 2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections were held, Leonard Alfred Balogun Koroma (Logus) Diana Finda Konomanyi, Karamoh Kabba and Francis Gbondo “Penepani” had created the impression that, they were in control of the people of Kono district. They even went as far as assuring their political Godfather, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma that the people of Kono are in their pockets.

Since 2012, the APC has dominated the politics of Kono district. In that year’s general elections, the APC won six out of the eight Parliamentary seats in the Kono district.

The APC party had total control over the Kono District and Koidu New Sembehun City Councils.

In short, the APC was the dominant political party in Kono district until 7th March, 2018.

This cabal of APC Kono politicians fabricated all sorts of lies against their Kono brother, VP Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana in order for them to climb the political ladder in the APC party. They lied that, the VP was undermining the APC party and was also undermining the Presidency of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

They had the audacity to testify falsely against their Kono brother before a Kangaroo court, set up by the party to try the Vice President.

The Kangaroo court concluded its investigations and recommended the expulsion of VP Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana from the APC party.

During the investigation, Diana Konomanyi said openly that, she was the one that brought VP Sam Sumana to the party. She even went as far as disclosing that, she introduced one of her best lady friends to VP Sam Sumana but noted further that, that relationship did not last long.

In short, VP Sam Sumana was expelled from the APC party and sacked as Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone by President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

The APC National Secretary General, Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh, in an interview with the BBC African Service, disclosed that, VP Sam Sumana was expelled from the party because he lied about his academic qualification and even about his religion.

Without providing any credible evidence to the investigating committee, Karamoh Kabba lied that, VP Sam Sumana threatened to kill him. It turned out to be totally false!

Logus Koroma informed the APC party that, VP Sam Sumana was engaged in and was promoting anti-party activities. He provided no credible evidence to back up his allegation.

It is based on all these false and baseless testimonies that, President decided to sack the country’s elected Vice President.

After the sacking of the Vice President and his expulsion from the ruling APC party, President Koroma promoted Logus Koroma and his co-conspirators in his Cabinet. Diana Konomanyi was appointed Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Logus Koroma was appointed Minister of Transport and Aviation while Karamoh Kabba was appointed Minister of State, East.

After his expulsion from the APC party and his sacking as Vice President, VP Sam Sumana took his complaint to the ECOWAS Court in Abuja after the Supreme Court in Freetown denied him justice.

The ECOWAS Court ruled in favor of VP Sam Sumana and ordered the Government of Sierra Leone to refund his legal expenses and pay all his emoluments and salaries for the months that he had been out of office.

The Sierra Leone Government argued that, they do not recognize the jurisdiction of the ECOWAS Court in a matter of that nature.

In the run-up to the 7th March 2018 elections, VP Sam Sumana formed a new party called C4C (Coalition for Change) party.

His party swept all the Parliamentary seats in Kono district. They also won the District Council Chairmanship and even the Mayoral election in Koidu City.

When the final results of the Presidential election were announced on Tuesday13th March, 2018 VP Sam Sumana’s party came a distant fourth by polling 87,720 votes about 3.5% of the national votes counted.

The Kono cabal has helped to destroy the APC party in Kono district. The party’s presence in the Kono district is hardly felt today. Most of the Kono people have abandoned the APC party because of the despicable behavior of these ruthless, mindless and selfish politicians.

Diana Konomanyi, Logus Koroma, Karamoh Kabba and Francis Gbondo Penepani have destroyed the APC party in Kono district. Let them go back to their people, and apologise to them, for misleading President Koroma about their own brother, Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana.

The fall of the APC in Kono district should be blamed on Diana Konomanyi, Logus Koroma, Karamoh Kabba and Francis Gbondo Penepani. Period!


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