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The Great Successes & Achievements Of SLRSA Under Dr. Sarah Bendu


The Great Successes & Achievements Of SLRSA Under Dr. Sarah Bendu

By M.S. Tejan- Cole……………………………………

The President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma in his second and final term in office, pronounced his great vision for Sierra Leone under the Agenda for Prosperity.

In this great vision, MDAs in Sierra Leone are really working assiduously to actualize this vision. One of these MDAs that has contributed greatly to the President’s Agenda for Change is SLRSA.

Various drivers, vehicle owners and motor bike riders who are coming to get their various license and renew their vehicle license especially motor bike riders, commended the entire Management, Chairman Board of Directors and especially the Executive Director of SLRSA, Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu for her astute development work in face lifting the entire building and establishing one of the best modern fitness centres and vehicle training workshops in the sub-region.


They have already established a training school for school leavers and engineering graduates who have already left college so that they can do their practical training programs at SLRSA.

The Executive Director, Dr. Sarah Finda  Bendu said it is as a result of collective effort with her dedicated management, Chairman Board of Directors and her devoted staff, in promoting Road Safety Network Programs in Sierra Leone.

She commended her line ministry, the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, especially the Minister, Leonard Balogun Koroma and his Deputy, M A Jalloh and the entire officials who are working closely with SLRSA in advancing the successes in awareness Road Safety Programmes.

She also commended the Parliamentary Committee oversight committee on Transport and Aviation especially the Chairman Hon. Tunde Lewallie and his Colleagues for their partnership in going around the four corners of Sierra Leone in sensitizing the populace on Road Safety Awareness Programmes so that vehicle owners, drivers, okada riders and passengers can know the Road Traffic Signs and advise drivers to reduce their speed limit when driving in the provincial towns.

The management has also set up a road safety awareness of school clubs in various Secondary schools in various districts and the Western Area so that the school children can have their awareness of crossing through the highway.

Another achievement the management of SLRSA is decentralizing all SLRSA activities in the provincial towns. This will also help vehicle owners and drivers from traveling all the way from the provinces to come to the head office at Kissy Road to register or renew their vehicle licenses and drivers’ licenses.  SLRSA management has excelled itself in Road Safety Network Programmes.

The Executive Director and the Minister of Transport and Aviation and some officials have attended so many WARSO, (West African Road Safety Organization) Conferences and Workshops on the importance of Road Safety Awareness Programmes in Sierra Leone.

In these successes and achievements the Road Safety Corpse Officers have been doing a great job in monitoring drivers and their vehicles especially motor bike riders or reckless driving and cautioning them to obey the rules and traffic signs and have respect for road safety officers on the Highway and they warn them that the life you save may be yours.

The National Road Safety Strategy Policy for Sierra Leone will be one of the greatest legacies of Dr. Sarah Bendu.


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