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The President’s Men Are Falling Like A Pack of Cards


The President’s Men Are Falling Like A Pack of Cards

By Sorie Fofana.

For the second time, the ruling APC Party have postponed their convention until further notice.

The Party convention was originally slated to have taken place in Makeni on 5th, 6th and 7th September, 2017. It was later postponed to 14, 15 and 16th September, 2017. Now, it has been postponed until further notice (indefinitely).

In the middle of all these postponements, allegations of bribery and corruption have dominated the airwaves. And those allegations involved top guns in the ruling APC Party.

John Bornoh Sisay is at the center of allegations of offering bribes to some senior government officials in order to obtain mining license at the time when he was CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Sierra Rutile. He has consistently denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, four senior Managers of Sierra Rutile have been invited for questioning by the country’s anti-graft agency, the ACC. One of them, Desmond Williams was until recently, the General Manager of Sierra Rutile.

Two days ago, a leaked audio named two senior members of President Koroma’s inner circle of being involved in the Hajj scandal that led the President to sack one of his Junior Ministers and two of his Senior Advisers at State House. They are to face an inquiry announced by the President.

There has so far been no evidence to suggest wrong doing on the part of the Vice President, Hon. Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh and the Mines and Mineral Resources Minister, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray.

One of the sacked Senior Presidential Advisers, Alhaji Nuru Deen-Sankoh has already started making some unnerving revelations that might end up implicating some of the President’s men.

VP Victor Foh, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray and John Sisay are all determined to succeed President Koroma in March 2018.

One Western Politician once noted that, politics is full of intrigues. Who knows who is behind all of this? Only time will tell!

The President’s men are falling like a pack of cards!


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