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The True Friends Of Sierra Leone!


The True Friends Of Sierra Leone!

By Sorie Fofana……..

At a difficult and challenging time like this, it is easy to identify the true friends of Sierra Leone. Since the Ebola Virus Disease was first detected in this country, in May this year, a lot of foreign nationals (especially Lebanese nationals) have fled the country. Those who have stayed behind and continue to work in the country are the true friends of Sierra Leone.

When President Ernest Bai Koroma called on Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone to help in the fight against the dreadful Ebola Virus Disease, the true and genuine friends of Sierra Leone rose up to the occasion.

Hisham Mackie of Teltac Africa, did not only return from his holiday in Europe, he contributed Le 500M (Five hundred million Leones) to the fight against Ebola.

Mercury International headed by Samir Hassanyeh and Martin Michael contributed Le 400M (Four hundred million Leones) towards the fight against Ebola.

Haj Fawaz of Fawaz Building Materials did not only stay in the country with his entire family, he decided to contribute handsomely through the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone towards the Ebola fight.

The Indian community have also made a handsome contribution towards the fight against Ebola. Airtel, African Minerals, London Mining, the Sierra Leone Bar Association, the Chinese government etc. have all publicly identified themselves with the fight against the contagious Ebola virus.

The fact of the matter is that, if influential and well-to-do people like Hisham Mackie, Samir Hassanyeh and Haj Fawaz had fled the country, there would have been panic among the entire Lebanese and Indian communities.

Their decision to stay in the country, at a time like this, must be commended. These people and institutions have demonstrated confidence in the leadership of President Koroma to end this carnage in our country.

All we can say to them, is that, we are grateful for their support to and fate in the country. Sierra Leone will rise again!

Thank you, thank you very much!

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