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UBA Financial Controller Dragged to Court


UBA Financial Controller Dragged to Court

By Jane B. Mansaray……………….
The Financial Controller at the United Bank Africa (UBA) Mr. Ansumana Juma Kpange was dragged to court yesterday to answer to (79) count of alleged criminal offences.
The accused is standing trial on seventy nine related count charges before Magistrate Komba Kamanda of court of No.1, ranging from conspiracy to defraud, larceny by servant, contrary to section 17 (1) of the Larceny Act 1916 to Money Laundering contrary to section 2 (1) of the unlawful activities of the Anti Money Laundering Act of 2012.
The particulars of offence state that the accused on diverse dates in 2014 to 2015 conspired with other persons unknown with intent to defraud the UBA Bank with the sum of three hundred and twenty six Million three hundred and ninety three thousand , thirty two Leones and seventy cent.
In a brief summary of the matter in court, the Police Prosecutor, Sergeant 922 Dumbuya J, told the court that the accused, a financial controller did insert the names of five of his relatives with account numbers at the UBA where he illegally transferred money to defraud the bank.
It was also alleged that the accused operates on deferent banks with various account numbers for illegal money transactions. This illegal act of the accused was detected at the UBA Bank in Nigeria where all approval is being done for withdrawal.
The accused was represented by Lawyer H.M Gavao who applied for bail on behalf of his client pursuance to section 23 sub-sections 4 of the Criminal Procedure Act.
Bail was refused and accused was remanded at the Pademba road male correctional centre.

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