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UBS Wins US$ 5M NPA Contract


UBS Wins US$ 5M NPA Contract

A seven-man independent technical evaluation committee headed by Ign. Momoh Dumbuya has recommended that UBS (United Business Systems) of 93 Campbell Street be awarded the contract for the supply of 21,500 STS Keypad Single Phase Prepaid Meters and 1,200 STS Keypad Three Phase Prepaid Meters.

The company is also recommended for the supply of CT Operated and Whole Current Prepaid Meters to NPA (National Power Authority). UBS’s bid price for the three lots in the contract is US$ 5,459,128.

The leaked technical evaluation report dated 27th January 2014, states, “UBS being technically the most responsive and compliant is recommended for award provided they agree to financial regulations within the budget provided for Lot 2. Consequent upon this Lot 3 is also awarded as these Lots 2 and 3 are not independent hence they must be provided by the same supplier, UBS”.

This technical evaluation report has ended the controversy that surrounded this much – publicised NPA Prepaid Meter Contract. A representative of UBS is to be invited to sign the contract.

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