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UMC Bishop Urges President Bio To Tackle Corruption


UMC Bishop Urges President Bio To Tackle Corruption

By Lansana Fofanah.

The President of the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, Bishop John Yambasu on August 14th used the Interfaith service at St. Pauls Catholic Church Regent, to hammer home a strong but necessary message to President Julius Maada Bio.

Bishop Yambasu gained the admiration of the crowd for being bold to speak the truth to power hungry politicians when he mentioned the ills of society which according to him, have been the cause for the calamities in Sierra Leone and urged the President to intensify the fight against corruption.

Bishop Yambasu said that Sierra Leone, despite being a blessed nation with almost all the natural resources, what the country is only known for is untold hardship, calamity upon calamity- citing the rebel war, flooding, Ebola and mudslide as examples.

Calling Sierra Leone as a `MESS State ‘, –Misery and Evil Side by Side, Bishop Yambasu said that the Freetown- Wilkinson Road now turns into flood zone when it rains despite being the most expensive road project in Africa with Sierra Leonean engineers being supervisors of the project.

“Sierra Leone is the only country where a non-graduate occupies a position that he is not qualified for. After acquiring unaccounted stolen wealth, the police that is responsible to arrest and prosecute him, will be the one to guide and protect him again. Sierra Leoneans no longer pledge their love to the country, rather they pledge their love and loyalty to APC, SLPP, or PMDC or their political god-fathers. Funnily, State looters always forgot that the grave is too small to carry all their bounties with them when they die”, he said.

Bishop Yambasu said that Sierra Leone now has an opportunity through a determined leader to fight corruption and end impunity to bring perpetrators to book.

“President Julius Maada Bio, you diligently served well in the Army where you left an indelible mark. When the country needed democratic governance, you stepped in and fought for that course. Now as a democratic leader, you must reflect your true color to end impunity and fight corruption for a better society”, he said.

Praying for the nation, the Man of God called on ‘God to rip the nation off wild beasts’  that are bent on destroying the nation and called on President Bio not to compromise the corrupt nature of any of his Cabinet Ministers or state officials.


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