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“Unite Against Ebola” – Ambassador Wurie Urges


“Unite Against Ebola” – Ambassador Wurie Urges

A senior opposition Politician, Ambassador Umaru Wurie (CRSL) has called on Sierra Leoneans, to unite and defeat the deadly Ebola Virus Disease that has claimed the lives of several Sierra Leoneans.

Speaking exclusively to the Global Times in Freetown yesterday, Ambassador Wurie said, “In an emergency, we cannot hide behind demarcated lines…We need a national unity to fight this deadly scourge called Ebola…If ever there was a time to unite this is the hour of greatest need…Our country is in crisis… Our loved ones are at risk of being affected…This has nothing to do with the government…It has everything to do with resource allocation and expert intervention”, the veteran diplomat noted.

Ambassador Wurie said that, “We need to give incentives to health workers, to come forward and save valuable lives… Health workers themselves must be protected against contracting the disease. That is very important”.

The veteran diplomat warned that “The ongoing recriminations must stop and we must all come together and do our utmost best to stop the spread of this deadly virus”.

In conclusion, Ambassador Wurie said, “I am appealing to all Sierra Leoneans from all over the world to contact their local WHO or MSF offices and make a pledge of money to direct resources to Sierra Leone for the fight against this national emergency…This is serious to the extent that we cannot control the eventual numbers and the individuals who would or could lose their lives.

It is a national emergency that cannot be left to the government alone. Individual citizens must galvanize efforts to combat this disease…The government can do most of the necessaries but more can be done by private concerned citizens.

We cannot afford to be complacent”.

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