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US$800M For Bumbuna Phase Two


US$800M For Bumbuna Phase Two

By Kanji Daramy.

It has officially emerged that the construction of a second Bumbuna Hydro Dam, has attracted Eight Hundred Million United States Dollars from a private firm known as SELI Hydropower.

This huge investment in the Energy sector under the New Direction government came to light during the official handing over ceremony of the site meant for the construction of the largest Dam in Kondembaia town,  Diang Chiefdom, Koinadugu District, on Friday August 10th 2018.

Whilst making an official statement marking the occasion, the Energy Minister, Alhaji Ibrahim Kanja Sesay informed the mammoth gathering that the New Direction government has made electricity a major priority.

Alhaji Kanja Sesay said, his ministry soon after April 2018 went ahead to attract private investment in the energy sector. As a result he said, SELI Hydropower expressed great interest to invest in the energy sector. The investment, the minister said would serve as a great benefit to the Country and particularly the Dian Chiefdom. He stressed that people living around the Dam area would be relocated to a comfortable and safe location. Over Four Thousand jobs would come along with this Bumbuna Phase Two Project. Minister Kanja Sesay said.


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