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VP Jalloh Returns ‘Diamond’ To Owners


VP Jalloh Returns ‘Diamond’ To Owners

The Vice President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh yesterday returned an estimated seven hundred carat stone previously thought to be a gem diamond to its owners.

Speaking at a press conference following the conduct of two different tests in full view of the press which shows the stone isn’t a diamond, the VP said the press event is an indication of government’s commitment to transparency and openness.

Receiving the stone, Ezekiel Kabba Sumana thanked VP Jalloh and other government officials for their patience.

He said although it has turned out to be a disappointment to them, Ezekiel said they brought the stone to the Vice President so that Sierra Leone will benefit.

In its statement, the National Mineral Agency states that it carried out the test using “Presidium Duotester”, the same instrument used to test Diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium.

“The First test involved the use of real Diamond and the result was positive. The second test was carried out on the stone alleged to be Diamond and the result was negative”, the NMA release states.

Earlier in his statement, the Minister of Information and Communications, Mohamed Rado Swaray who chaired the occasion told journalists that the press conference manifests President Julius Maada Bio’s commitment to run a transparent and open government.


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