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VP Victor Bockarie Foh… Silence Is Not Golden!


VP Victor Bockarie Foh… Silence Is Not Golden!

By Sorie Fofana.

The Honourable Vice President, Ambassador Dr. Victor Bockarie Foh, has been unusually quiet, since the APC party returned from their National Delegates’ Conference in Makeni last month. VP Foh is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest hitters in the APC party. His loyalty to the party is beyond reproach.

When he was appointed as Vice President, after the forceful removal of the elected Vice President, Chief Sam Sumana from office some two years ago, many people applauded his appointment, as well deserved.

When he was appointed as Vice President, Ambassador Victor Foh made it crystal clear that, he had no personal agenda other than pursuing President Koroma’s agenda. At the time, he was seen by many as a less-ambitious man. But as time went by, VP Foh started manifesting interest in succeeding President Koroma as the party’s standard bearer in the March 2018 elections.

Many people believe that, VP Foh was, himself, quietly opposed to the President’s third term ambition. Some of his closest aides allegedly convinced him to openly declare interest in the position of flag bearer.

During one of his official visits to the President at State House, VP Foh made it very clear that, he was also interested in wearing the Presidential crown. As usual, President Koroma did not advise his right hand man to back out of his personal ambition to lead the party after he (President Koroma) would have retired in March 2018.

Many people interpreted that, to mean that, the President was not averse to the idea of having his very loyal Vice President as his successor.

Many people believe that, President Koroma should have used his good relationship with the Vice President to talk him out of the APC flag bearer race. Subjecting the man to an excruciating flag bearer selection process was very humiliating to him.


Since the President had known long ago that, Dr. Samura Kamara was his choice for APC flag bearer, why did he allow other party big beasts to take part in the race? Why did he allow them to spend their money and time on campaigning for a position that only he can select someone to fill? That has generated a lot of trepidation and bitterness in the top echelon of the APC party.

VP Foh’s failure to get the APC crown has dampened his spirit and enthusiasm to campaign for the party in the South/East of the country. In a crucial election year, no party can afford to annoy its strong and reliable supporters. That is suicidal!

VP Foh’s silence is not golden at all. He is not a happy man! So far, VP Foh has demonstrated maturity, by refusing to openly criticize the process that led to the selection of Dr. Samura Kamara as the APC flag bearer candidate. VP Foh knows too well that, politics is all about timing!

He jokingly said in Bo recently that, he was in the APC for a long haul. He asked, “If Victor Foh lef APC, wu dat go tok for APC again”?

VP Foh is a veteran politician and a very reliable comrade in the struggle. But, he was not treated well by the party’s outgoing Godfather, Dr. Ernest |Bai Koroma. At least, the man deserves a dignified treatment!
VP Foh’s unusual quietness has worried a lot of people (especially South/Easterners) in the APC party. The million-dollar question is: when will VP Foh openly endorse the APC flag bearer, Dr. Samura Kamara?

As they say in the United Kingdom, “A week is a long time in politics”. Let’s wait and see!

VP Foh’s unusual silence is not golden!


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