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“We Need 100 More Buses” …Says Logus Koroma


“We Need 100 More Buses” …Says Logus Koroma

The outgoing Minister of Transport and Aviation, Hon. Leonard Balogun Koroma has informed the Global Times in an exclusive interview that, the new government headed by His Excellency President Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio should give the go ahead for the procurement of one hundred new commuter vehicles (buses). Hon. Leonard Balogun Koroma noted that, the new commuter vehicles (buses) will help enhance President Bio’s policy of free education for pupils in primary and secondary school.

He said that, fifty of those buses could be assigned to teachers and school children which will help reduce the transportation burden on both teachers and parents.

When the School Bus pilot scheme started under his leadership, Hon. Logus Koroma assigned fifteen buses exclusively to school going pupils.

Minister Logus Koroma noted that, the scheme collapsed because the transport fare that was being paid by commuters was not even enough to buy fuel for the buses. He said the school bus scheme was heavily subsidized by the government until it became unsustainable.

Hon. Logus Koroma described education as “the bedrock of development in any country in the world”. He commended President Bio for making education one of his key priorities and encouraged him to follow-up on his commitment to free education for school-going children.

Hon. Logus Koroma said that, his Ministry had concluded the process of awarding the contract for the procurement of the one hundred new commuter vehicles (buses) but the Ministry of Finance did not have money to proceed with the contract. “I urge the new President to pay special attention to the enhancement of his free education policy by paving the way for its full implementation”, Minister Logus Koroma said.

The Golden Dragon brand of commuter vehicles has been recommended for procurement by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, according to documents seen by the Global Times.

The interview with Hon. Logus Koroma continues tomorrow.


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